Sunday, March 16, 2014

"I will generously give my whole life." (Sam)

February 24, 2014
Hello again!

Transfers this last week! Wow. My time with Elder Crandall, almost 9 weeks, FLEW by. I love that kid so much. I don't know if I mentioned last week or if we even new where he was going last week. He was transfered this last tuesday to Huércal-Overa, my first area and has been there for about a week now. I´ve been emailing him a little and says he loves the people. I wrote a couple of notes for my converts and a couple of investigators that were never baptized. I hope Pepa and Rafa are doing well. I´ll keep you updated.

Each week I feel like I have less to write.. WEIRD.

I hope you´re all doing well. Sounds like you´re all busy and happy. How it should be. Help someone who needs it today. Helping is good.. but a lot of times I feel like we help people that don´t need it that much. Look harder! Look for someone that needs it. They exist. They´re out there.

Things in Spain are really bad economically right now. I´ve heard from people that Spain has like a 30+% unemployment rate.. and then our bishop told us that in this part of spain, the province of CÁDIZ, theres 40% unemployment. He then looked at me and said, "To be honest, I would not be suprised if Jerez had an even higher unemployment rate than that." It´s so so sad. It really is so hard to see families and people that just struggle and can´t make it. I love the Lord´s help system. Those that are obedient and true to the Gospel can receive help to maintain their families. I have a huge testimony of the Fast Offering we give. Not only fasting but the fast offering that we donate monthly. I will generously give my whole life.

My new companion Elder Hall is great. He´s from Salt Lake City and went to a high school called Highland. He´s a great guy and started his mission almost exactly a year after I did so he´s a year in. He was companions with Elder Larios, my hijo, for a transfer. Fun to catch up on how he´s doing. Elder Hall and I are excited to work together this transfer. We have a lot to learn from each other and he´ll do a great job taking over the area when I leave.

Anyways, thats all for this week. Sorry I don´t have much to say. I´m working hard and representing the Lord how he should be represented!

Love you!

Élder Norton

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