Thursday, May 16, 2013

Skype call and photos! (Hilary)

This beautiful girl radiates goodness!
Hi everyone! 

Thanks for the emails! I love you all! SO fun to talk yesterday! I love seeing you guys and I felt like I left more excited to keep working and more assured that you're all doing okay so far away. We (as a family) have seen many blessings and should feel very grateful and humbled.

The week went well. A. was baptized Saturday and confirmed yesterday. It went well! Her family has been reactivated and they are loving it. 

Y. will be baptized this Saturday. He's really looking forward to it. Saturday he and his mom attended A's baptism and the Mother's Day activity afterward. They left happy. He's really become involved in the church and continues to study.

J. accepted a baptismal date Saturday. Our first couple lessons with her she did not want to accept, but Saturday we got to their house and they were really excited. Her husband, a less active member who recently started attending church again, told us, "My wife has exciting news." She explained that during the week they had been studying and praying a lot and she realized that (how we had explained) baptism is the door to enter in. She explained the commitment she had made with the Lord and how she knew that although opposition would come, she would be able to be baptized and go forward. She's really prepared and so positive and excited. 
I feel so grateful to know that Heavenly Father is willing to trust us to help His children in this important process. 
It is such a blessing on our end to see how it all works. 
To see how much He really loves each and every one of us and how merciful He really is.

Hermana Rodriguez as Agent Perry the Platypus
Our Gospel Principles class has gone really well the last couple weeks and something that I have really loved is that the teacher has done a good job of focusing on the things that our investigators need to hear, such as baptism. Yesterday we studied about "La pueblo del convenio del Señor" and our investigators left with a stronger conviction of the need to be baptized.

Okay, that's all about the work. It is going well and we are working hard... 

 I love you all! I am sending pictures. Thanks for everything!

Hermana Norton

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