Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Humility, a Repentant Heart and an Obedient Spirit are the Perfect Recipe for Change." (Sam)

Photo by Mark Mabry
Hello! Thanks for your email.

   Sounds like its been a wet week! Its actually cooling down here as well which has been a huge blessing. Summer time living on ´´la costa del sol´´ ´´the coast of the sun´´ in the center of Europe´s vacation spot has proven to be quite the challenge for the four of us in the office. Colder weather and lots of hymns have been our only refuge :D Then again, its weird to think that my last summer in Spain is coming to a close. I´ve been having quite a few ´´retrospect´´ moments recently and although I have worked my tail off and really tried to focus in whichever situation I was presented with, the perfectionist side of me always comes back to haunt me! Mom, your email was much needed! That perfectionist in me needs to be put in it place and I need to let the optimist in me show a little  more. None of us can or should even try to do anything without the Lord´s help or his approval. Humility, a repentant heart and an obedient spirit (as Pres. Deere puts it) are the perfect recipe for change.

   Today we went to this super rich port called Puerto Banus ... where there are tons of yachts and nice cars and rich people basically. Haha cool, but it kinda makes me sick how much stuff and money people have. One of the big yachts was taking off and there was a big group of people watching and the family on the yacht was just kinda standing outside soaking in all the attention... Ha! people.. :)

   This last week was a little more normal. We DO have TWO baptisms for TOMORROW. WOOOOOOOOH! S and A, the two Filipino references we got from a Fillipino couple in the branch. They are really excited and we are utterly humbled and grateful that Heavenly Father is allowing us to baptize even with the little proselyting that we do and with the little time we have. In not too many weeks, our other great reference, M, will be getting baptized as well! Woooh!

   Its sooo good to hear that Jayce was baptized!! Wow. and Cory baptized him! That is awesome. Thanks for representing me there.

I don´t have much this week, sorry. Things are good! Just trying to change the bad things in me and keep the good things. Pray for the missionaries! I know satan works extra hard on us. I´ve felt it a LOT recently.

Love you all! Know i´m safe and healthy.

Élder Norton

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