Friday, September 27, 2013

"Find them that will receive you" (Hilary)

Find them that will receive you...

Hiiiiiiii everyone!! I love you all so much! I miss spending time with you, but look forward to Día de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving) together! I love that holiday. I got my itinerary today. Blah. How weird. I think the missionaries in the office are really on top of the ball or something, because I still have two months left!!
Okay, the week was great and long. I did four divisions this week, and my companion did three. Don't know how it turned out that way. But they all went well and it is nice to be in contact with President and his wife to know how we can help and also to know that we have helped. The only bummer is that the work has slowed down so much for us in our own area. When I got this assignment, I was in Calderón and was given the following Monday (p-day) to say goodbye to a couple families. One was the Romero family and Sister Romero had also served this same assignment years ago when she was a missionary. She gave me a lot of really great advice and one of the things that she mentioned is that as a leader (and especially going to the areas of the sisters to help them pick up the work and also work things out in their companionships) you can't get discouraged. I really took that to heart and have been doing everything I can to be an example of positivity. There was a day in the MTC that I decided I just wanted to be a happy person and I think so far so good. Anyway, I hope the work can pick up in our area, and if not, I hope to be able to understand the Lord's reasoning. Please be praying for the work out here!

We have a few investigators that are progressing and we have seen great blessings and have seen the Lord's hand throughout these past few weeks as He has led us to find the people who are prepared and willing. Yesterday a woman named Ca attended church and we immediately spoke with her as she came in the door. She said her mom is a member of the ward in the Galapagos Islands and she (Ca) had always attended a different Christian church, but yesterday she woke up feeling like she needed to attend church here in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She said she is a faithful follower of Christ, but in her church had always felt like there was something missing. 
It was a miracle and a tender mercy because we could learn that, 
like Preach My Gospel teaches, Heavenly Father will lead us to those who are prepared, and if not, He will lead THEM to US. 
We have an appointment with her this week. (D&C 42:8)

We had a really fun activity today as a zone. Just played basketball, baseball and volleyball. The bummer is that sisters and elders can't play soccer together or we would have spent a good amount of time playing soccer. 

Dad, please be careful. I didn't know you had a motorcycle. I hope you are doing okay.

Okay, love you all. Thanks for everything!!!

Ñaña Norton
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