Sunday, September 22, 2013

"WOW. Young, young mission." (Sam)

Wow! I just hit my 3rd transfer mark in the office. TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE RENTING APARTMENTS! :D

Things are great here in FUEN (fuengirola). Already having to think seriously about the next transfer thats coming in three weeks but the cool part is that elder butlers replacement should be coming in by the end of this week. EXCITING CHANGES. We both love to office, don't think that because I say "exciting" means that we don't love it. They just honestly are exciting things. The mission is moving forward, growing, maturing, and won't stop for little elder norton or elder butler. :D
And if we look hard enough into the crystal ball we'd probably see that in exactly one transfer from now, my replacement would be coming in as well. THAT BLOWS ME AWAY. I feel like I was just getting over the "new financial clerk" shock. haha

Attached is a picture of the baptism we had! so exciting! Sa on the left and her daughter A on the right. Everything went great! Our branch president baptized A and his 17 year old son S baptized Sa, S's first baptims! :D They've asked us to do the confirmations so that'll happen tomorrow.

Just a quick mission numbers update.. I may have already told you this but its amazing so I'm saying it again...
the mission consists of 206 missionaries currently... that includes President and the three senior couples... ok?.... 117 of those missionaries have 3 transfers or less in the mission. That is over 50% of the mission that has been out either 4 months or less. WOW. Young young mission.

Anyways, I know this hasn't been much but know I'm doing well.. actually better! Last week I was little down but we're on the upslope as an office. Things are great and looking up. Thanks for your prayers and support. Pray specifically that missionaries can overcome temptations to be able to have the spirit.

Love you all!

Eder Norton

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