Monday, March 31, 2014

"we have dedicated our time to helping new members feel the spirit and also help them fill in the little holes of doctrine they might still be missing." (Sam)

"Hastening the Work" takes teamwork, organization, and lots of smiles!

March 3, 2014

Hi there!

Another good week! Elder Hall and I are getting along really well together and working our tails off. The work is going really well here in Jerez as a ward. And its cool cuz the three companionships here are working really well together. 

The influx of missionaries has caused a lot of new "side effects" I guess that I didn´t even think of. More missionaries means more than one companionship in the units and teamwork and humility between companionships. Of the three areas in our ward, the sister's area has baptized 17 in the last 11 months.... and the other two area are slow and producing fewer results. And its not a lack of work or obedience, rather different people and different financial levels and ways of life. We as a companionship have been working really really closely with the hermanas these last couple of months to support them in their work and help and carry the recent converts that they don´t have as much time to visit. These new members are all excited to do missionary work and many new people have been found through them.... ALL of which are living in the hermanas area....... soo.. the hermanas have even less time to visit the many recent converts that all need visits. That is what Elder Hall and I are focusing on. In my opinion, recent converts need the most support and help.. and we have dedicated a lot of our time to helping those new members continue to feel the spirit and also help them fill the little holes of doctrine that they might still be missing.

I received an email from the office with my travel itinerary.......... O.O..... if you didn´t get it i´ll forward it to you. SUPER WEIRD to get that.

Hey, its been kinda short today but there´s a quick update. Hope you´re all well. Pray for the missionaries and the hearts of the people!

Love you all!

Élder Norton

March 10, 2014
Hey mama, fam, and friends!

Good week this week! We´re really working as a team here and the work is moving. I love the members here. I really have been able to create some great relationships and I love feeling the support of the members. Members are so important in missionary work. Although its important and always will be important to open our mouths and "hablar con todos" speak with everyone, that work can often times be very detached and unproductive.. whereas with members, we fortify and uplift members in need while we help them invite and teach their own friends converting the friends into members and the members into member missionaries. That way when we leave, the members themselves and carry the work along. THAT is missionary work.

Thanks for the updates on things. Happy to hear things are going well. Know that I will be praying for Jennica and waiting updates.

I got your letter last week and just this morning I got the little package. THANK YOU. I sent Adam a letter the other day and want to send one to you two Mom and Dad this week. I´ll do my best. Either way, know that I love you! I would like to be able to buy a couple more things before I go but I don´t think I have any money in my account. If you have a second and are able I´d love to be able get a couple more things. THANK YOU.

Love you all! Be seeing you SOON!

Élder Norton

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