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… Just singin', … Singin' in the rain (Sam)

February 17, 2014

Hello hello!

Had a great week here in Jerez. Elder Crandall and I hit a high point together this week which was perfect because it was "week 6" of the transfer-the last week. President called as we were expecting and Elder Crandall is being transferred. We were expecting it cuz since I only have one transfer left, whoever is with me this next transfer will have to stay when I leave. Elder Crandall has already been here 3 transfers and he wasn´t going to stay this one with me and then another one after. Understandable.. So as I said, it was really great to hit a high point together here on the last week of the transfer. This part of this city has really been struggling but we were able to hit 20 total lessons, 10 with investigators (member present or without) and ten with members (active, recent convert, and less active). It felt great teaching the last lesson sunday night in an active member´s house with an unexpected non-member friend present. His name is S and although he doesn´t believe in organized religion, he believes in God and enjoyed our lesson. He agreed to meet with us this week in the members house. Nice end to the week!

Elder Berrett, the Financiero that trained me in the office, was transferred here a transfer ago to facilitate a Zone Leader city change. The funny thing is that he only had one transfer left and finishes his mission wednesday. It was almost hard to believe that he was going to be transferred with one transfer left but the Lord and President Deere know why and the change was necessary and turned out well. He and I have become really good friends and its WEIRD to see him go. He was a great, obedient, consistent missionary. Love that kid.

The weather here has been SO so wet ever since I got here. Elder Crandall and I have this wall right in front of where we study that we put sticky notes on with little jokes or funny things that happen to us and funny memories. :P It has almost 60 sticky notes on it! haha and I put one up about 3 weeks into my time here that was a drawing of Jerez, basically just a bunch of buildings with a burger king in the middle, with tons and tons of rain coming down and then another sticky note next to it with an arrow pointing and words that said... "Jerez since Elder Norton got here"...... :D haha I´ll attach a couple of pictures. We think its getting better though. WE HOPE. haha

Well, Love you guys! I feel like this has been short and kinda empty but know i´m doing well! Pray for our obedience and for the stiff-necked people! :P

Love you!

Élder Norton

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