Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hi family! Love you.

Okay, Conference was so great, right? We feel that way every six months. I love Conference as a missionary; it is a very different experience. We had a couple investigators who were able to attend. They really enjoyed and are really committed. They're progressing and it is so cool to see.

Okay, I loved the talks by Elder Holland, Elder Scott, Sister Dalton, Elder Perry, and also President Monson. I loved the talks about the restoration (sp?). I felt like the main themes were repentance, obedience, and focusing on the home. Anyway, I really loved President's talk because generally his talks are stories, but this time it was doctrinal and really cool. I love conference. What a privilege.                CLICK HERE to learn the secrets of this historic stone

Okay, we have been working with a lot of new people and it is so great. We have a few new investigators every day and we are really stepping it up. I love it. A few people I will quickly mention: G, M, Familia B, Familia G. Please pray for them! I don't have much time to write about all of them, but they are all great. 

Okay, so glad you met Stacia! She's literally the greatest! I miss her a lot, but know she is where Heavenly Father needs her to be. I was thinking about her as Sister Dalton spoke about the people who "acted well their part". Sister Ellis came to my mind. I know that Heavenly Father is pleased and grateful for all the she did. 

Hermana Rodriguez's family has visited the states a few times and she is showing me pictures of her in the Bean museum right now! (Hermana Norton used to work at the Monty L. Bean Museum on the Brigham Young University campus in Provo, Utah)

We got our water back about mid week! Don't worry! Thanks anyway. Please let me know when you get the package with the SD card.

Okay, I apologize, we don't have much time left! I hope you are all doing well! Please send me Sam's email!

<3 Hermana Norton

for Sister Dalton's message go HERE

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