Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"It felt like an 'Ammon' moment ..." (Hilary)

Bueno, hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Please keep me updated! I pray for you all daily.

Okay, we had a great week and I feel really good about it. It is the best feeling. We have been working really hard and we have found a lot of new investigators. It is really rewarding. I feel like we are getting back into the swing of things. We are working well together and I hope to be able to see the fruits of our labors.

Something I have been practicing on my mission is following every prompting I receive. Sometimes you don't know whether a thought comes from the Holy Ghost or is simply your own. But what I have learned is to follow every impression to do good. Sometimes I feel like I need to knock a certain door, and no one answers. But it's okay because I am trying to show my gratitude for the Spirit's guidance. Well, during Conference last week, during the talk by Sister Dalton, I felt strongly prompted to protect the women we meet. Since that talk, we have had a couple opportunities to help women. Monday night we were contacting and knocked the door of a woman who seemed uninterested but said we could return Tuesday morning. We arrived Tuesday morning just after the father of her children had been beating her. We helped her pack her things because she said she had enough and was going to leave. It felt like an Ammon moment, when we were able to gain her trust through service and then share with her afterward. She moved, so we won't be able to work with her. But we have her information to turn into the offices. It is very evident that Heavenly Father sends us where we need to be to be able to help His children that He cares for so much.

Friday we were walking to an appointment when once again I felt prompted to knock a certain door. The woman behind the door, E, is very prepared. She has studied the Bible and is searching for the correct church. She is progressing well. She knows a few members that live nearby who are working hard to be good hermanadores. She wouldn't attend church Sunday but I know that this coming Sunday she will. I am grateful for Heavenly Father's willingness to guide us to those who are prepared.

G is also progressing very well. She had an amazing experience during conference last week and knows the church is true. She also has a lot of friends who are members and they are helping in a few ways.

As for us, we are doing well. Hermana Rodriguez does a good job of making me laugh a lot. We have been working harder than ever and it feels great. I am basically back to normal with my health. Randomly I will get sick because of something I eat, but my diet isn't up to me... I look forward to being able to choose what I eat again. (We are working with the greatest sister who is less active and trying to convert her husband. Every night we visit them they give us a giant glass of hot milk. It is so painful and makes me sick until the following day, but it's all they have and are so excited to offer. I haven't figured out what to do yet.)

Dad, so glad you got the video! I hope that you had a great week! Can someone send me some pictures of Trevor's wedding?
Adam, I love you! Hope you are doing well! Keep me updated with the baseball games!

Okay, ¿algo más? I am sorry my emails are so boring. I run out of things to say. I struggle with knowing what will actually interest others.

Hermana Norton

P.S. I just sent a package today with some things I wanted to give to a couple families. Could you divide those up and send them to them? Thank you so much! Sounds like your birthday party for Dad was a success! Congrats, Mom. You are really great!

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