Monday, April 1, 2013

"Well, since Friday we have been without water ... " (Hilary)

Okay, how is everyone? You all sound like you are doing well! I love hearing from you! Thanks for updating me and keeping me in mind. Know that, even though sometimes I can't respond, I am always so grateful for your support and thoughts! From each and every one of you!

So much has happened this week. I thought you would have found out by now. I'll start from last Monday.
We finished our p-day early because Hermana E had a medical appointment. They were doing some physical therapy on her and it caused her a lot of pain, so we couldn't work that night. We had to go back to the physical therapist Tuesday and Hermana E was miserable afterward....  it seemed to be making her worse. She couldn't really walk or stand up. So Tuesday we couldn't do much and Wednesday we spoke with President. We expressed a few concerns and he told Hermana Ellis that she should go home so that she can get well. We went to the house of the stake president for lunch and there she Skyped with her Mom and they got things figured out. That night we stayed in the nearest sister apartment to the airport and Hermana E left at 5 am Thursday Morning.

My new companion's name is Hermana Rodriguez. I am finishing her training and I will be with her until she gets her visa because her mission is Argentina Cordoba (!!) and she is just waiting in her home country until they get her visa problems worked out. She is excellent. She is a really great missionary, super smart and funny. We are having fun. Things have been a little tough in the work and just in general, but everything is going to work out! Today we headed to the offices and ran into Hermana Marca and Hermana Samantha Harris. I was having a really hard day then they walked in and I remembered how much Heavenly Father loves me and is aware of every one of his children. Hermana Harris is the greatest and we talked for a long time and went to lunch and it was so good. We are planning to be companions someday. If we have enough faith, it will happen, right? :)

Well, since Friday we have been without water. All of Calderon. It is interesting. Luckily we had a couple big bottles of water here (that Hermana Ellis and I had felt impressed to buy a couple weeks ago) so we have been bathing and washing the dishes with those. Saturday Raquel was baptized because the church is really on the ball and although the whole neighborhood/city is without water, the font is connected to a reserve. The water was cold and dirty and yellowish brown, but she was baptized and loved it and is so strong. It was a really special baptism. I love her a lot and am so happy for her!

Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK. I have sent a couple things your way and I pray that they get to you in time. Dad, just know that I love you with all of my heart and I look forward to a lot of good daddy daughter time in about seven months. Hope you have an excellent week!

Love you, Adam!  Hope all is well with Mitch and Jen!  I love hearing about the calling, Dad! How cool that you spent the weekend w/ Mel. I hope that Bryce gets to serve a mission! What an incredible story! I'm so glad that you've been able to have these experiences. I learn so much from you! And glad that you're having fun with the Elders. Don't let them get too comfortable :) 

Well, we didn't do much for Easter, but I did a lot of meditating on my own. I am very grateful for Christ's life and His sacrifice and His love for us. We really can't comprehend it all, but I try really hard to be as grateful as possible. As everyone in Calderòn has been outside with buckets waiting for a big truck with water to pass by I think about how Christ is the living water. Si fuera asì la misiòn con gente esperando en una fila para recibir el agua viva. No tendrían sed jamàs. Really, His gospel has all the answers. It is the what and the why and the how. There is no complete happiness without it.

Well, I love you all. And I love this work. Thanks for everything! Keep writing. Keep moving forward.

Hermana Norton

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