Thursday, April 25, 2013

"I love my mission. I love being here. Its hard but there are many days that I don´t want it to ever end." (Sam)

Hello and welcome to a brand new week! 
Learn something new this week. Change something you´ve been wanting to change this week. Be a little more obedient this week.

Hey, it's Elder Warburton! One of Sam's friends from Pleasant Grove!
       Things are going as faaaaast as ever here in the mission. WOW. This is the last week of my first transfer with Elder Larios. An entire transfer has flown by! He´s super surprised as well but we´re happy and working hard.

Our dueño....... landlord?..... came by this morning and told us he is thinking about selling our apartment and that he´s willing to offer us another apartment in our same building for the same price. I think its a little bit smaller but its a little nicer as well with a lot greater view than our apartment right now. We´ve talked with the office and we´re going to go through with it... So we will be changing addresses within the next week probably..... haha sorry for CONSTANTLY changing addresses. If you don´t send anything else until I get the new address, nothing will get lost in the change. Thanks for everything you send to me. I love getting letters and packages. :)

   My comp and I are getting along really well. Its amazing the things i´ve experienced and the time i´ve already been out here. Along with the spiritual side of the mission, it really helps you mature and kind of have a better focus. I love my mission. I love being here. Its hard but there are many days that I don´t want it to ever end. I do also look forward to the adventures that the new chapter of my life holds. The plan of salvation is so perfect. Life is great.

   The ward is doing well. Elder Blanch was an amazing missionary. He did great things for this ward. He basically visited every single person on the entire ward list... 11 pages or people.... active member, less active, not active.... whoever it was. And because of that he ended up rescuing/reactivating quite a few people... the hard part falls on the missionaries that follow him........ :) The rest of the people left on the list are the ´´never knock my door again´´ people. :) We´re just trying to work with the recently baptized people and the recently activated people to find new stable investigators. If there is something you could do for us it would be pray fervently that we find consistent, stable investigators.

   I AM learning how to cook! You should see the awesome breakfasts i´ve made for my comp. :) You'd be proud mom! I stay away from fish. I´ve never been a fish guy... and the Spanish members give us enough of it anyways. :)

   Mama, the keyboards here in Spain are super different. All of the letters are in the same order but all of the punctuation and whatnot are in all different places. The Ñ for example is just to the right of the L... and the key that makes an A to an Á is just to the right of the Ñ. Its just a different keyboard.. I don´t know how to do it on other keyboards.

   The baptism we had programed didn´t end up happening. F, his name is, has a lot going on in his life right now.. including his father´s death and his mother not wanting him to be baptized.... so he decided not to go through with the baptism for now but told us he is praying that his life calms down a little so he can better focus on the gospel and be baptized. He will be baptized. When, I don´t know... :\

   As for the man on the crutches and his daughter.. We have passed by his place several times with no success. We called him the other day and he answered very groggy sounding and told us he was living in his mother home and taking a lot of medication for his back problems and recent surgery. :( because of the medication and the long period of time that we weren´t able to visit him he has basically forgotten about what we talked about and what he felt. :\ Satan works in interesting ways. Alma 47. We are still working with the Dominican Republic people. They speak spanish as well. They are here in Spain for the same reason many other south americans are here. about 10 or 15 years ago, spain opened its borders more and let in quite a few more people. Since then the economy has fallen and now its hard to find work. Due to all that, right now, we are seeing a LOT of south americans go back to their countries. Lots of wards are loosing valiant members just cuz they are moving home. :\ 

The two Spanish cds we bought had a bunch of hymns sung in spanish. A recent convert here in this ward wants to learn the hymns better and I told her that I have some cd´s... anyways.. I don´t know where they´d be. Maybe take a look through my stuff in my room. There will be a big stack of cd´s that I left. It should be one of them. If you can´t find them, take a look around some church stores for me. :) thanks!
   Mom! Good work on the stake activity. You are amazing... I don´t know how you do it sometimes.... YOU DO EVERYTHING. :)

   Love you all! See you soon for MOTHER´S DAY.
-Elder Norton

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