Friday, April 19, 2013

"wait wait wait, you don´t have to do anything. Just listen." (Sam)

Things are startin to get HOT here in the mission! Good thing we´ve got a car and good AC! :)

   Hello and good morning! I hope you are all doing well! If you´re not, go do some service, you´ll be feeling better after.:)
   Thanks for all your emails this week. Let´s see if I can answer some of your questions and comments... Dad, I´m glad you enjoyed your video message. Sorry it wasn´t any longer.. hah we´ll be talking soon! I hope you had a great 30th birthday! 30th, right?... Mom, keep getting better! Don´t let this get you down! Read Nephi´s ´´2 nephi 4, rejoice my soul, wake up!´´ so this surgery doesn´t get you down :)... Adam, keep kicking trash in sports... just be sure to kick all trash with charity........ :)... ha! Pointers: On the mound, take a longer stride. In the infield, lighter on your feet. In the batters-box, LOAD, EXPLODE. ¿te acuerdas?...To the chickens out back, don´t eat each other and don´t try to get out of the inescapable fence I made. :)... To the Elders living in my room in the basement, when you do your exercise in the morning, don´t do any jumping exercises.. the basement ceilings are significantly lower than normal.

   We had a really solid week this week. We are hoping our baptism goes through for this upcoming Sunday night. F, a friend of an investigator has been pulled into the ward by members and friends that he has made. He is spanish and is a very relaxed, easy-going guy... so its hard for him to really get excited and just decide, ´´yes, i´m going to do it´´. He knows its all true. He has felt what he calls ´´paz y tranquilidad´´ or like ´´peace and tranquility´´ in church and really enjoyed General Conference, but he´s just kind of scared of making such a big decision without being 100% sure. We are planning on teaching one final lesson about faith and how a sure knowledge is not necessary. Pray for him! We have quite a few other investigators, 8 news from this week that may or may not invite us back or open the door when we come...... :) So I guess we´ll see! We found a building in one of our pueblos called San Juan and its FULL of Dominican Republic people. AWESOME. :) So we have found a lot of people to teach in that building alone.. We´re hoping to have a baptism then bring him to every door in the building as a member support for all his ´´paisanos´´ :) (other spanish word you can translate if you´d like).

   Most spiritual moment of the week, AN AWESOME LESSON WE TAUGHT ON TUESDAY. We found a guy in a building when our plans didn´t go as planned (like you mentioned mama)... We were knocking the doors in the building and a man started walking up the stairs and came to the door we were waiting at. He was moving very slowly and with crutches from an ankle surgury he had had (sound familiar???) and severe back problems. He is Spanish and didn´t seem too interested but we shared testimony and he said to come by another time. We tried back on tuesday and kind of caught him by surprise.( He didn´t think we would come back.) So anyways, he leans up against his door frame and says... basically... ´´alright talk to me. Tell me what the message is´´.... kind of like..´´i don´t really want you to come in.. just tell me right here so I can tell you your wrong and so you can leave´´... :) but I felt directed to push a little bit more and explain that we need to sit down and begin with a prayer so that he can understand the message through the spirit. He looked at me for a second..... and said.. ´´alright fine, come on in.´´ We honestly had like 18 minutes till we had to be back out the door cuz we were almost already late for something else,  so we told him that and I actually think that helped cuz he didn't want us to be long. :D haha  We got inside, his daughter was doing homework, there wasn´t anyone else home,  he sat down on the couch clearly in pain and invited us to sit as well. We broke the ice a little just talking a little and then started right up. We explained the importance of the Spirit and asked if we could start with a prayer. He said it was fine but the daughter immediately said., "I don´t do that kind of stuff.". ... so I was like "wait wait wait, you don´t have to do anything. Just listen. " :)  So we said a prayer and probably had the shortest and most powerful lesson I have had my whole mission. We explained how God loves both of them, how Christ can help both of them and can help the father with his physical pains.. and to end we explained how God has chosen a prophet one the earth today and I quoted the first vision. The two of them just sat there.. staring.. in silence... and we closed by inviting them to know. To pray for themselves and know. The father closed the lesson with a short simple prayer and we walked out basically jumping for joy!! :) It was awesome. We have had a hard time finding them in their house again, but we´ll keep you updated.
   I´m out of time... cuz I wanted to share that story. :) Hope you liked it!!!


Mom, if you can send me the two spanish church hymns CD´s that we bought that would be great. I want to give them to a recently baptised member. You´re the best. Bye!
-Elder Norton

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