Saturday, April 13, 2013

"THANK YOU to every single one of you supporting the missionaries" (Sam)


   Wow! What an amazing conference!!! I was SOAKING in every second of it! I filled like a thousand pages of notes in my notebook. The bummer is that with the time change, they don´t aire the Sunday afternoon session here in the capilla cuz it would start at 10 pm and end at 12-midnight....... :/// so we missed ELDER HOLLANDS TALK. Please please please send me a copy! Or even better, a copy of it on a CD. POR FAVOR.

   :) thanks mom. You always find the good things about me and my emails and teach me from my own letters. Thanks for what you said about me choosing to try the hard things. Often times I don´t really realize, but you always point out the good attributes in me and help me learn. I really enjoy translating. I love languages as well. I really really would like to learn at least one other language when I get home... and I don´t know how plausable this is but i would love to go live in france or germany or somewhere where they speak a language I don´t speak, just to go learn the langauge. I would love to learn french.

   I do play piano in the ward. Well I did. Elder Larios is basically mozart............ so when he got here we started switching off between the second counselor (the american that was out of town), elder Larios, and myself. I am little by little forgetting ALLL the other music I used to play. I´m gonna spend more time on the piano when I get home.

   FINALLY I HEAR SOMETHING ABOUT WILL MONTGOMERY. I have been wondering!! I wrote him a letter a while ago but I sent it to his house in georgia. They may not even live there anymore. Anyways, good for him. He´s so awesome. I spoke with him like one day for I went into the MTC. I was walking around some... like.. ´´Staples´´ I think it was.. buying pens and my backpack... and we talked on the phone. If you read this Will, WRITE ME A LETTER. :D....... plus will you teach me french when I get home???? :)

   Well, things are good here. I can get around fine in our area... but its tough cuz I don´t know PEOPLE..... Elder Blanch knew how to get around and he also could just be driving along and name 10 houses in any different town where less actives lived... or old investigators.. or members..... and I´m still kinda lost. We teach a lot of the same people as before but we are needing to branch out a little more to find more people and its difficult to do when you don´t know where anyone lives.. You can actually waste a lot more time than you think and a lot more GAS than you want looking for one family. :) We had a slower week.. we have been trying newer, different techniques for finding and they haven´t given fruit yet.. we´ll see!!

   I´m a little behind on writing people so I´m gonna close there. Sorry its been short, its whats on my mind. :)

   A couple things...... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to every single one of you supporting me/us as missionaries. This is a difficult thing. The words of support. The prayer every night, the letter in the mail, the faithful tithing for our materials, IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED. Thank you.

   Thats all! Love you!
-Elder Norton

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