Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Accomplishing things that are easy doesn't feel as great as accomplishing things that are difficult." (Hilary)

Amo lo que hago!
The lovely and wise Jane Austen

Dear Mom,

I love you and miss you so much. I have a little time left but when I get back I won't go far. Then when we have rainy days we can watch a Jane Austen film together or sew something or go to Taco Amigo.

Things are going well down here in Ecuador! Yesterday was "cambios" (transfers) and there are no changes for us, which is a good thing. The day before transfers is always full of mixed feelings. I am so glad I get to spend more time here.We have a couple baptisms lined up that I really really want to be here for. Speaking of... M A is going to be baptized!! We have seen such an amazing process with him and I am just so happy for their sweet family. 

He accepted a baptismal date the other day and we left their house singing. I called the district leader that night and when I told him, he was like, "Yes!!" It was so great. It has been a really tough road with M , but I like it that way. Accomplishing things that are easy doesn't feel as great as accomplishing things that are difficult.

Y was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday. He is a rock. He bore his testimony about how he knows the church is true. It was a great baptism and we a had a good amount of members (and investigators) there supporting us. His mom went and she got all teary eyed. It was sweet.

J is really looking forward to Saturday. In our Principios del Evangelio class we all introduce ourselves and she stood up, introduced herself and said, "And you are all invited to my baptism this Saturday." It was neat. She has attended a lot of churches and really been searching for what's "right," she says.

Yesterday we were able to have a training meeting as a ward on missionary work. It went well. We were hoping that the ward missionaries would attend, but only a few came. But other faithful ward members were there and really have a desire to help this work move forward. There was an excitement we saw in them as they asked us for folletos  (literature, pamphlet) and they asked if they could practice what we were teaching. Overall it went really well.

Mom, first of all, I am sorry to hear that you didn't feel good about how the piano recital turned out. But just know that what you are doing is so respectable. Like Sam said, you are so humble and that is what makes you YOU! That's why Heavenly Father called you to do all that you do in your calling and as a mother. Because of your willingness and your humility. Mom, I respect you so much. I love you with all my heart. I hope that your birthday goes well. Be happy!

Well, I had written down everything I wanted to write about, but in my last agenda and today I started my new agenda. So. I am sorry I don't have more to say.
Mitch, thank you so much for writing. I love the pictures and the tidbits. Also, I laughed SO hard when I watched the video of your boys singing happy birthday to mom. They're so great and so grown up! They're going to be really different when I get back! How bizarre.
Dad, thanks for writing. Enjoy your "off" time because you do so much and deserve a break. Tell Madeline I say congrats!!!! She is adorable! I am really happy for her! I hope Adam gets better. I have been sick all week again. It is getting old. I have been drinking a lot of Asea. I have strep and I am feeling like I have parasites again. So many people have gone home sick. The idea literally haunts me. When I look at pictures I long to be with everyone I love so much, but I know I truly want to be here right now. Congrats on your golf game. I love hearing about your little adventures and what you're all up to.
Love you all!

Hermana Norton

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