Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Hmmmm i´m gonna keep pondering it." (Sam)

Happy Birthday Mama!! I´m glad you got my letter! :) I figured that just having sent you a letter for mother´s day and having just talked on skype, that you´d have heard enough of my words. :P I´m glad you enjoyed the letter.
While its on my mind, can you send me Elder Holland's talk from conference on a cd? and his talk from grandpa's funeral. Keep me updated on the mission calls from the ward and stake!  Dad! Tu eres un máquina! teach adam wellwe´ll go play that fathers and sons tournament! :)   

Oh yeah.......... forgot to tell you guys...... President called me on friday................ O.o....... YEAH.
   We are in the middle of the transfer right now and he called me and asked me if I would be the mission financial clerk.... I leave wednesday for Fuengirola and will be working the mission office in the mornings with the mission secretary as my companion and the two APs in my district.. :D :D:D I´m really excited but tired of "despedidas" (goodbyes)... oh well.. thats the mission right? Elder Larios and Elder Vergara have got this place memorized and under control. I feel very good leaving it in their hands.
   My new address is just the mission office address. 
   Paseo Jesús Santos Reín #2, 3ºD-E
      29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)
   Quick update... Things are great! The ward had great attendance this week including 4 investigators. Really great feeling and spirit there in the church. Its amazing how much investigators can progress in 3 short hours in the church. When we, the members, have true, pure desires to teach the doctrine and help the people, the spirit is felt and the investigators learn and progress. I´m excited to see what happens in this area in the next transfer or two.

   I don´t know if there is some message I have to learn or if there is some purpose behind all of this but I feel like a plant A LOT in my areas... and then just cuz of circumstances in the mission, I have to leave before I can really harvest. The truth is that it doesn´t really matter WHO harvests.... but I do wonder sometimes the reasons why i´m sent to help people FIND the path but that i´m not allowed to be there when they reach baptism... Hmmmm i´m gonna keep pondering it.

   I Love my mission! I am learning so much! Our awesome zone leaders put together a great zone meeting last wednesday and taught us to pray always! Literally! They gave us little stickers to put on our watches so that every time we look at our watch, we see a little sticker that says ORAR.

-Let God guide you. Let God teach you. Speak with Him always. Ask Him for answers and help in situations that you have never asked Him before. You will be surprised at how much He helps and how much closer you feel to Him.
I love you all! Thank you all for you support! See you all soon!
-Elder Samuel THE LAMANITE Norton

To listen to or read Elder Holland's talk
 "Lord, I Believe"

"Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever 
fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe."

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