Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day FaceTime (Sam)

I LOVE this boy!
Hello! It was great to talk yesterday!

 Mom, what day did you get that letter???? I sent that Monday and the guy told me it would take 7-14 days.......... and if you got it by Sunday that means it got there in less than 6. WOOHOO. God can even speed up the mail if he wants! :)

 Haha don't worry about what I said about "mimar"! :) it was a joke! haha we are blessed, not spoiled. The reason why is because we know and recognize the true source. I am proud of all of you for having the humility and the charity to always try to share what we know and what we have. Thanks for raising me how you have and for teaching me what you've taught me. I appreciate it.

 Anyways, things are great here... as you saw and heard yesterday. :)

 I've been writing in my journal every day and I am happy for that habit. I INVITE YOU (ugh.. that’s the only thing that comes out of my mouth now..... Invitations...) TO WRITE EVERYDAY IN A JOURNAL. That is how you can measure personal progress and also the way you can watch the miracles of the Lord in your life. Even if you write 3 lines! Write something!

Its been a short message.... just one last thing... I need you to put something else in the package before you send it..... a short letter from each of you....... Por favor.... :)

 Love you guys! 
-Elder Norton

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