Friday, May 3, 2013

"they returned to church and it was exactly what they needed in these difficult times ( no surprise there, really). " (Hilary)

Listo, ¿cómo están? Happy Monday! 
It is a raining here right now, which is typicle for Quito. The mornings are super hot and sunny and then the afternoons are dark and foggy and rainy. The other Sunday basically all the members stayed after church because we literally couldn't leave in the rainstorm.

Thanks for writing, everyone! I love you all and pray for you daily and it is so good to know that you are all doing so well. Being far away helps me gain a greater perspective on my family and friend relationships and I am so grateful for everyone I know. I am grateful for your support and your prayers. Thanks to everyone for everything.

G was baptized Saturday. It was so great. She was so happy and crying. Friday and Saturday we went to another sector to help some hermanas that are struggling. The assistants asked us to go work in their sector with a couple other companionships of hermanas. It was about a two hour drive from our sector and we made it back an hour before our baptism. We had informed our mission leader that we wouldn't be able to fill the font so he said he would. Well, we got there at the same time and poor G got there early and had to wait a while. There is always opposition the day of the baptism. Anyway, as she was waiting, she was trying to pay her tithing and a couple members were like, "Tomorrow, hermanita." It was cute. She was so prepared. I am so grateful that we received the prompting to contact her. I really care about her.

The family from Spain is doing so well. This ward we are working in is super great and the family received a warm welcome last Sunday. Tuesday we visited them and asked how it went Sunday and they both teared up and couldn't really speak. Then the hermana said, "Phenomenal. (sp?)" It was cool because they had gone inactive in Spain and moved here about three months ago. We found them contacting and they returned and it was exactly what they needed in these difficult times (no surprise there, really). 

Y is another investigator we have been working with. He is progressing slowly and steadily. Hermana Ellis and I contacted him. Anyway, he is really enjoying studying the Book of Mormon. Every time we visit him he has passed the chapter to a journal and highlighted the parts he likes and written down his questions.

Yesterday was another great Sunday. We had a few investigators attend church and they had positive experiences. We have been working hard throughout the week and it feels great. The only thing that doesn't feel great is that the time is passing so quickly. I have learned so much in this past year and I could never have imagined what experiences the mission brings.

Okay, so glad you got the package. Thanks for your help! I got Dad's package today with the Asea (as well as other gifts). THANK YOU SO MUCH, DAD. I appreciate your help. I love you and love hearing from you.

Cool to hear about everyone with their mission calls and everything! I love it! Tell Stacie I say congrats and good luck! And tell Allie Howe and Kassie the same!

Adam, congrats on your basketball and baseball successes! I love hearing about it. The other day we had perfect sunny/breezy weather and I remembered sitting at the ball park watching my little brothers play baseball. I love those memories.

Tell Jonny and Bradin hi and congrats! The bummer is that I am missing so many weddings! I think Caitlin gets married in May! I have been thinking about going to visit Mitch and his family after I get home and visiting Caitlin in the same trip (she and her husband and moving to NY).

Mom, how is your ankle/leg?

I got a letter from Abby today! I love her and love hearing about her in the mission! Also, Kenz and Cam have been writing me which is so great. I have the greatest friends.

Well, I have a few more minutes online. Write me if you think of something else!

Love you!

Hermana Norton

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