Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"...plus, trying and failing is better than never daring to try." (Sam)

Hello there, and welcome to

   Hey, I´m doing great! Today´s my third day here in the office and I´m really enjoying it. Its veery different.... pros and cons.. :) (really the only con is that we don´t get to do lots of missionary ´´street´´ work cuz we´re so busy here. The busy part is a pro. I like being busy. Anyways, yeah, the office is great. Elder Berrett is the old Financiero and he was ´´born´´ (his first area was...) in Aljarafe.. so its been fun to talk to him about people we both know and the area. When I got in the car with Elder Butler, the secretary, and Elder Barrett, we started driving away and Elder Barrett started counting down from 10.... 10, 9, 8, 7... and I was like... uhhhhhhhhh.... ¿qué estás haciendo?...... and when he got to zero he turned to me, handed me his cell phone and said, ´´You are now financiero. I am now the old financiero.´´ :) It was kind of a cool and scary feeling at the same time. hah he´s going to be with us for the last three weeks of this transfer to train me on how to do financiero stuff. Its gone really well thus far.

   I´m happy to hear about the temple work that you guys are doing. I went to the temple regularly but I want to make it a higher priority when I get home. Priorities priorities priorities! Keep them in line and in mind! Plus, you have nothing to lose with starting to learn family history! And don´t be scared that you won´t learn it! haha You will learn it. Plus trying and failing is better than never daring to try. YOU taught me that mom.

   Adam, work hard bud! And then be prudent with your money! I wish I would´ve saved more of what I earned when I was younger... just FYI. Obviously enjoy your hard earned cabbage but don´t go blow it all on POKEMON CARDS......... just kidding, I know you haven´t touch pokemon cards since you were 5 but you get what i´m sayin. :)

   I did not recieve the package.. :\ haha Its kind of a bummer how that keeps happening. I know you mom, you´re going to feel bad... DON´T FEEL BAD. haha there is no way you or anyone, including President Deere, could have foreseen the change. I´ll get it from the Elders there. They´ll be able to get it for me.
   I´m pretty sure you guys had already told me where Jake Robley had been called .. :) that's why when you mentioned it, Russia came to mind. Hah tell him congrats for me. Tell him ´´Book of Mormon AND Preach My Gospel´´ from sam.

   Thanks for the awesome thought mom. Really liked it. You always send little tips of advice. They´re great. Not to mention President Hollands talk. WOW. I saw it on the blog and watched it real quick. WOW. He is soo powerful. I love the way he teaches. I want to emulate my teaching to that of his.
Thank you! Love you all! Have a great week and don´t forget to drink your ovaltine.... :D
-Elder Norton

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