Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!" (Hilary)

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!" 
  Happy Monday everyone! We have another week ahead of us. How cool. Time is flying by.
All is going well here in Calderon.  
I think I say this every week, but
 I love this sector and I love my companion and I love this work. 
I found a good quote 
the other day. 
"Success is not the key to happiness. 
 Happiness is the key to success. 
If you love what you're doing, you will be successful." 
I can't necessarily say that we are having a hundred baptisms every Saturday, but I can say that I have seen a difference in the results we have had lately and I am recognizing the causes... 
obedience, diligence, a personal conversion, 
and really loving what we're doing.
Okay the phone call. Is it okay if we call 3:30? There aren't any members that have offered to help, so I think we'll just end up calling from an Internet place nearby. It will be by Skype, because I have not seen an Apple in Ecuador. I'll call from the "Hermana Norton" account.
Thursday and Friday we had training and conference and interviews with President and the assistants. They're great. I really look forward to those times because I feel like they are a really great help, knowing the challenges of our mission and really what we need to know and do here at this time. Plus, Hermana Ghent always reviews the area books and she was so amazed at our book. Ha, she was pulling out all the progress reports and showing people and telling all the elders what they need to improve on and showing them ours as an example. It was cute. She is really sweet. Haha it made us feel good. She said the Lord would be pleased if he were looking at our area book. Hahaha. Anyway, since the trainings, Hermana Rodriguez and I have been teaching Lesson 1 a lot more often and finding a lot of success in that. It helps the people to recognize what are the differences in our church and others, and to understand our objective as missionaries. We have been teaching a few people recently who are really catching on. I hope to be able to see their future progress. Transfers are in two weeks and I really really hope that I get more time here!
Saturday/Sunday we had another really great fasting experience. We had a lot of investigators attend church Sunday and they all had positive experiences! This Saturday, A will be baptized and the following, Y. They're both doing really well.

Something I have seen a bit recently is the blessings of the guidance of the Spirit during the lessons. My companion and I have really tried to obtain his companionship, and during the lessons we are always able to see his guidance. He has helped us to know how to answer questions and what to teach in certain lessons. I am grateful and humbled. We have had a few lessons recently with Jehovah's Witnesses or Christians or Catholics that have really strong beliefs and we have been able to teach the doctrine and respond to their questions without things turning into a debate and without losing the Spirit of the lesson. I am really grateful, because I know there is no way we could do any of this without Heavenly Father's help.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about E. She won't read/listen to/look at the Book of Mormon and it is so painful. My poor companion wants to keep trying because apparently her ex-boyfriend had the same problem and she says to me, "I am going to write a chapter in a letter and give it to her." and things like that. As much as I want to keep trying, she won't accept it and she can't progress without it! It's tough.
Today we crossed paths with C (the woman we helped when her husband was beating her). She looked so different and happy. I don't know if I mentioned it, but when we arrived that day her head/face had a couple big goose eggs and was all blue and bruised. She was so excited to see us. It was cool. (for the backstory, see post "It felt like an 'Ammon moment" from April 16, 2013)
Okay, this is a really long email, I apologize! I love the photos you all send! Thanks for keeping me updated.
Tell the elders I say congrats on the baptisms!! How exciting! We also do what that Elder was saying. It's called the "Charla de Oposicion." It is the smartest way because then they know what to expect and they this is what happens when we are trying to do what is right.
Thanks for helping Hermana Masquez.
Tell Adam I love him!
Mitch, I love you!
Until Sunday!

Hermana Norton

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