Great to hear from you. Thanks for your prayers and support. NOS HACE FALTA. :) haha we work in 30 pueblos and have an average sunday attendance of 45... that means we have an average of 1.5 people coming to church from each pueblo... Lemme tell you, there are more than 1.5 people in our pueblos. WE NEED TO FIND THE ELECT. Help us with your prayers and fasting!
   Sounds like you have all had a great, busy week. Thats how it should be... but don´t forget to dedicate at least 10 minutes to receiving revelation from the Lord. Live Revelation is what sets us apart from every other church on this earth. We have a Prophet chosen of God. He receives revelation and direction. Our stake and ward leaders have the right to receive direct revelation for their corresponding group. When they speak, the speak the words of Christ, 2 nephi 32:3. Listen to them AS IF IT WERE CHRIST. We too have and will always have the right to receive personal revelation. Pedid y recibiréis. Buscad y hallaréis. Llamad, y se os abrirá. Ask and then look for the answer. Don´t expect an answer from the Lord if you haven´t yet read what he has said to us.... Lesson that i had to learn recently. :)
   First things first!   Mother´s day skype time! They said we have an hour. We can use skype or facetime. We are going to do it from the house of members in our ward. They have a bunch of cool gadgits like iPads and whatnot. :) plus they have enough for the three of us and a good internet connection. We are going to go to their house around 6 pm HERE. That will be 10 am THERE IN PG. When does church start? If we need to call right when we get there or if we need to go earlier so we can finish before you have to go to church, let me know. This family said that facetime usually works better than skype... We´ll see.
   Thanks for getting a package ready for me! My alergies have been acting up lately.. :/ maybe some good alergy pills that you know work well for stuffy nose, itchy eyes, irritated throat. Or flonase.. That might help. Whatever you think. If that stuff can´t be sent through the mail I could prolly find something here. Let me know. Any candy would be nice. :) or fruit by the foot.. or.. mike n ikes. :) hahah you´re the best!
   Things are great! We´re looking hard, teaching well, finding people, communicating the spirit, supporting the ward, and missing our moms! Thanks for everything! See you sooooon!
-Elder Norton