Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"they have thrown water balloons at us and flour and sprayed us with foam" (Hilary)

Monday already?! It is so hard to believe. (A Colombian is skyping next to me. I LOVE their accents. Ibarra is full of Colombians because we are so far north.)

I loved getting Sam's emails. Reading them fills me with enthusiasm for this work. He must be an incredible missionary. I wish I could just watch him work sometimes. I'm sure he is a great example.

I am so glad that the two of you are enjoying your callings so much. I love thinking about how focused we all are right now on what is REALLY important. THIS is how life should always be. Even though we are all so far away, we are all happy because our lives are full.

No one had told me that you bought a motorhome! Wow. I want to see a picture. That should be fun. 
 Tell Adam hi, I know he is so strong and doing so well. I admire him so much. Probably more than anyone.

And funny to hear about the deer dying in the backyard.. I mean, that is not funny, but more just bizarre. I guess my point is keep writing me the little random things. I like to read them.

Hermana D and I loved the Valentine´s Day package, thank you SO MUCH. THAT BOOK is absolutely the greatest ever. It made me cry, along with your sweet letters. Thank you so much, Mom.

Well, right now we are in the middle of "CARNAVAL," which is a holiday that everyone in Ecuador plays where they throw water balloons, eggs, flour, and paint at each other. But it is not like a party thing. It is literally anyone on the street. So as we are walking down the sidewalk they have thrown water balloons at us and flour and sprayed us with foam. So we are only allowed to leave in these four days if we have a planned appointment. We can't contact or go visiting or anything like that. So we're bored (I HAVE ATTACHED EVIDENCE OF THE BOREDOM).

So something really cool about Hermana D is that she requires a lot from the people we teach. I have learned a lot from her in that sense.

A2, who was baptized the other week, was offended by something the other day and now doesn't want to return the church. We have been working on teaching her about forgiveness and the personal nature of the salvation. Hermana D and I have been working on reminding her what she loses when she chooses not to attend church. I feel like had her conversion been deeper, this wouldn't have had such an effect on her. Obviously we are partially to blame. We are working really hard to help her return. It has been a humbling experience. I feel horrible. But something I was thinking about the other day was the story of Aldora Landrum Yarn. I love how converted she was that even though she was the only member in  the whole STATE, she stayed firm. It didn't matter what everyone else said or did. I want to share the story with A2 the next time we see her and help her to become strong like Aldora. Sometimes, when my companions share their stories of how they are one of the few members in their family or something, I feel lessened. But these past couple days I have been reading all the family history stories and I am so impressed. I love my heritage and I am so grateful for all they have done.

Well, for the moment that is it. I love you all! Keep writing!

Hermana Norton

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