Thursday, July 25, 2013

"the fight with the shower" (Hilary)

La Lucha con la Ducha 

The week went really well for us here in Iñaquito. D was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday and we actually had some good support from the ward here. Her mom and sisters are coming back to church and they were really excited Saturday for the baptism.

We have found a few good investigators this week and a couple attended church Sunday. I know they will progress, but it might be slowly. C was introduced to the church in the United States but was sent home (to Ecuador) a few weeks ago and found us street contacting. He approached us and really has the desire to learn and come closer to Christ. J also attended church and really enjoyed it. He has attended a few different churches and was invited by a coworker (who lives in another stake) to attend this Sunday. He showed up by himself. When we taught Lesson 1 he was really interested in knowing if what we said was true and if the church has the authority. He offered the closing prayer and I felt a confirmartion as he asked if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the correct church and if Heavenly Father would help him to know if these things are true. Those moments are worth more than gold for me and I feel blessed knowing that Heavenly Father is willing to answer EVERY sincere prayer (1 Nephi 10:17-19)(I recently started the Book of Mormon over again and have been reminded of the truthfulness of this church and the doctrine contained in the Book of Mormon).
Wednesday we did divisiones with the Hermanas in El Eden (Hermana D and Hermana G). We were able to fulfill a few goals and help them get things going in their new sector. Also, I think it helped a lot for Hermana D after having a couple of difficult weeks.  Hermana D is very strong and has been so strong through the whole experience. It was neat because we were actually able to help a few people who were going through some difficult moments and Hermana D (without mentioning what had happened to her personally) was able to give counsel and comfort and share scriptures that helped for those members while they really came from her heart because of what she had experienced. I learned a lot from her that day and I feel blessed to be able to work with all these sisters. I have been praying a lot for her.

Our apartment is where all the sisters stay the night when they have a meeting or conference or they don't have their sector assigned yet or something. For example this week, all the new sister that arrived stayed two nights while they were receiving training. It is neat being in the "hotel;" I really enjoyed getting to know all the new sisters that arrived this past week and I could feel how excited they all are for the work. All our lives we have been waiting for this time, to be serving a full-time mission. Every day I am reminded of the importance of taking advantage of every moment and really working with all my energy (D&C 4).
 I love the thirteenth article of faith because it reminds us that we don't endure some things; we endure ALL things. Developing charity and patience means doing everything within our reach, exhausting ourselves in the Lord's work, and really losing ourselves in the service of others.

I have been feeling a lot better health-wise this week! It has been such a huge blessing!  Oh, and We don't have hot water (hence the title of this email). 
Yesterday at church right after sacrament meeting I fell and it was a terrible fall and everyone saw and it was so hilarious. Will I been awkward all my life? I used to pray that one day I would grow out of it... But here I am at 22 and I continue to be clumsy.
I bought a couple things today, mostly two pairs of shoes because mine are getting worn out and have holes. I will send pictures! They are cute. 

Okay, time to go. I love you all! Thanks for your support and prayers. Keep choosing the right! You are all examples for me!

Hermana Norton

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