Monday, November 12, 2012

"I guess people don´t like to talk when the wind is blowing the rain sideways into their face... like whats up with that!?" (Sam)

Service is the action form of loving one another ... 
Go love someone

Good monday morning! Good morning monday! Monday, good morning! Morning.. good monday.. O.o

   Hello! All is well here in SPAIN. Its been super cold here lately, rain quite a bit, lots and lots of wind.. Its all good though, just a good chance to learn some weather vocabulary. :)

   The works been pretty rough lately.. turns out that people don´t like cold weather as much as we don´t. I guess people don´t like to talk when the wind is blowing the rain sideways into their face....... like whats up with that!?? :) So, we have been working more with the members lately, partially cuz they let us through their doors and give us hot chocolate, and more importantly, because often times they are the connections to new investigators. You can knock 100 doors and contact 100 people on the street, or you can work with members, recent converts, and current investigators, and find direct connections to people waiting for the Gospel. Not to mention that the members are usually more than willing to help teach and support their friends.

   The family that we´ve been teaching recently... N and H are very, very religious people. They both have firm Christian beliefs and desire to learn more knowledge of Christ. Their problem is that they feel they don't fit in because the are different ethnicity and H leads the songs and praises at their church. They are an awesome family but they just haven´t put 100 percent of their faith in the Lord to change their lives to what they know is true. Her ´´calling´´ is whats keeping them ´´active´´, the problem is they are ´´active´´ in the wrong chruch. :D
   I´m already runnin out of stinking TIME. Time time time. Such an important resource. USE IT WISELY.

   To answer a couple questions... I haven´t learned to make any recipes yet but I have tried a lot of things I really liked. I will start to collect recipes and learn how its done. I actually have not been eating a lot of fish. Núñez is alergic and all the members know so they basically don´t make food with fish, even if its for my companionship.. fine by me! :P Haha I did octopus one time.. but I think I already told you guys that.. that was in my first area.

   Lyman and I are doing well. We are getting into a better groove of working together well but the problem is that we haven´t been able to teach many lessons to investigators lately, like I said earlier, we´ve been working a lot with members, and those lessons are a lot more conversational.. But we´ve done some practice during comp study and its coming along.. . he goes home in three weeks, so i´m gonna be getting a new comp soon. :\  We´ll see what happens.

   MOM/Sharon, loved the Romney thought. Super cool. (Dad, loved the Obama thought....... :) hahah)
   Mamá, I took care of the box for Pepa. I got a phone call the other day from those elders and they were like.... uhhhh there's a package here for you..... we´ll send it over your way when we get a sec. So I was confused.. but when I read your email I called them and told them whats up and they said they´d give it to her. Next week I´ll send you her address. I don´t have it with me right now.

   Ahhh! Tell Bryce Congrats on his baptism!

   Loved the song lyrics mom. Thanks! Also, I'll take some SPAIN/MALAGA pictures this week and send them  to you. I already have some ideas...... :)
   I forgot my stinkin christmas list that I started to write down........ SRY. I´ll send it to you next week. Promise!

   Anyways, I gotta go! I love you all! Go help someone today. Help someone feel happier, more appreciated, or more accomplished.
-Elder Norton

P.S. Don't forget to read your Book of Mormon

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