Monday, November 5, 2012

"When it comes to doctrine, I am learning principle by principle" (Sam)

Hello english speaking world!

   My english continually declines as I try to learn more spanish. And it doesn´t help that I´m living with english speakers and spanish speakers. Elder núñez basically doesn´t understand when we speak english cuz we talk so fast so we constantly changing between english and spanish. Haha its fun. I love the language though. I LOVE it. I will learn more languages when I get home.
 How are the states? We passed by this member's house about a week ago to pick up some food they made for us and they basically pulled is into their piso and sat us down on their couch and turn the news on...... we were like.. ´´Hermana, no podemos mira---......´´  basically all over the world, the USA news is as important as their own country´s. That´s one thing I was very very surprised about in the mission, is that what the USA does, effects EVERYONE. Everyone here in spain talks about obama and Romney and the elections and the wars we´re in and the hurricane that hit  Nueva York etc.... And I don´t even think its cuz we´re americans ... its just what the whole world talks about. The USA effects the entire world. So anyways, I would love an update on everything. We saw five minutes of spanish news (which was frankly hard to understand) and then we´ve heard 1000 stories being passed around about how many people died... and where.. and how etc. So I´d love a report.. Also, a report on what exactly happened in the middle east. We just keep hearing story after story and we don´t know whats true. ALSO... :) an update on the elections. One member told us like a week ago and Obama had already won....... and we were like.....uhhhhhmm, no. The elections don´t end till november..  its kinda funny. :)

   ANYWAYS... Things are great in Málaga! Lots of people. Lots of rain. Lots of wind. In fact, the weather took a huge turn recently. It was suuper hot in my last area but ever since I came here to Málaga the weather has cooled down to perfect temperatures for tracting and working. Recently, there as been a lot of rain and flooding though ( not in our piso... we live on the 13th floor so no worries :)). In other parts of Málaga and in cities nearby.. but yes mom, I have been using my coat quite a bit and its keepin me nice and cozy.

   Papá, to answer some of your questions... The mission is great. Really. Harder than I thought it would be. More rewarding than I thought it would be. And, I am learning more doctine, and overall church information than I ever thought I would. The language is fantastic. Just yesterday, my comp walked down the hall to use the restroom and I grabbed the cell phone to call a couple members... I finished up two or three phone calls, set down the phone, and then IT HIM ME. I looked back at the phone and basically yelped for joy. I had just finished three complete phone call conversations with people that don´t speak a lick of english... and I didn´t even have to think twice. :) Kinda fun moment. This transfer has been dedicated to vocabulary. I have lists on every single page of my agenda of words that I heard that day that I didn´t know. Every night after daily planning, I pull out my flash cards and I write the words I heard that day. You would be proud to see the words. :) Desamparar. Gusano. Lustrar. Colilla. Charco. Guiñar. And thats just the start! I love it! When it comes to doctrine, I am learning principle by principle, line upon line, precept upon precept. As I submit my will and my studies to the lord, he continually teaches me doctrine and gives me understanding. I know that if I keep looking and studying, the mysteries of the lord will be revealed to me. Thank you for your guidance and support. You always provide me with awesome nuggets of info. Here in the downtown city, yes, there is  poverty. Spain has a very high unemployment rate.  If you want to help, What I would prefer you did with the money  is give it as offerings to the church. There are many members, including some in Huércal-Overa, that are in dire need but don´t lose the sight of the importance of the gospel. Their priority was to be baptized. They never asked for any money from us despite the fact that they really needed it.. but now, as  members, they can receive help from the church through las ofrendas, the offerings we give. That´s where I would prefer the money went. :) THANK YOU TO ANYONE READING THIS!

   Okay, mamá... thank you so much for you words! I will continue writing even if the stuff might not be that important to others, just cuz I know its important to the fam. I feel like we are an extremely close family and even my dumb jokes and poor grammer can be enjoyed by you guys. and mom, I loved your little routine. Haha so great!
   I actually haven´t thought one second about Christmas stuff............ BUT I will start thinking. The packages you have sent all come quickly. I got the one with the piano music last monday after we got home from emailing. SO AWESOMMMME! Thank you! I´ll decide and let you know next week. Thanks.
   Anyways, YA ESTÁ. 2 quick favors....
1-Dad, remember the people you met when you came to...... Italy I think it was for asea... You said you met some people from Málaga... and you got their info. I heard it and thought.. well I probably won´t be in the Málaga area for a while so it can wait.... but then they transfered me here. haha so i´d love to go by their place and see them. A couple other possible baptisms because of ASEA. :) 
2-Elder Núñez wants to see the dollar coin, the 50c coin and a 2 dollar bill. I don´t know how hard they are to get but if you could get your hands on some you should send em out this way. He´d flip. He wants to move to the states after his mish and marry a blonde girl. :)
Welp, thats all folks. Till next time!
Love you!
-Elder Norton

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