Friday, November 29, 2013

"Don´t have as much time … but its for a great reason! (Sam)


Don´t have as much time as I wish.. :\ but its for a great reason!

A year ago when I was serving in Málaga with Elder Núñez, we taught and baptized D and R (you might remember the names) from Ecuador and Uruguay. In their apartment there was another ecuatorian lady named M that started listening and was almost baptized the same day that D and R were. She ended up backing out and the area was split right then and Elder Núñez and his companion continued teaching her. Well she never got baptized and ended up moving back to Ecuador. A little while back, the Elders in my old area told me she was back (in Spain) and they were teaching her again. Then like 4 or 5 days ago they called and said. She´s getting baptized this saturday and I get to perform the baptism!  :O............ WOOO! So today's the baptism and it starts at 6 in Málaga.

Now, I wouldn´t be in so much of a hurry cuz theoretically we could just drive in quick....... buuuut..... we can´t get into the parking garage where our car is cuz we locked the clicker in the car. The castillos have a clicker but their traveling right now so we have to wait till tonight late late when they get back before we can get it out...... SOOOO... we have to take the subway train thing into malaga and we have to catch it at 5. Innnnnnn and hour and 7 minutes.

Quick update. The castillos are bringing my replacement in tonight! Elder Flint! COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY WITH ELDER FLINT. I´ll tell you more about him later but I am really really excited and actually relieved to be passing my position over to Elder Flint. Great guy.

Mmmmmmmm can´t think of the other things.. Oh it was soo great to see those pictures of you with Hilary! Tell her that I love her and that she should write me an email. :)

Love you!
Élder Norton

ps. Dad and Adam, I watched the video you sent me of Adam shooting hoops probably a hundred times. Ask my comp. I just put in on repeat. YOU´RE LIKE A LITTLE BALLER. I´m starting to get a little worried about that in´n´out bet we made over skype when we talked for mothers day. Adam, ¿¿¿recuerdas??? Love you guys!

What are YOU thankful for? 
Did your blessings made this list?

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  1. Thanks for inspiring us, its a great video, the family international are proud of you. God Bless!