Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter 1995
I love looking at old photos of my kids. Some of the memories are so clear I can almost hear their voices. It's like watching one of your favorite movies, hitting pause, but knowing exactly how the scene plays out. Mitch was 9, Hilary was 4 and Sam had just turned 2 a couple of months before this indoor egg hunt. Apparently not everyone wanted to stop to have their picture taken.

This is Elder Sam Norton's second Sunday at the Provo MTC. Last week was General Conference and this week is a special Easter Program with several General Authorities in attendance. Elder Norton and his companion, Elder Chad Peters, have joined the MTC choir and will be singing in the program.

This year, with the recent passing of our dear father / grandfather, Easter holds even more significance. Follow the link to view "He is Risen"                          Joanna

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