Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sam's 2nd email Madrid, Spain MTC

Hilary and Adam, I am going to try to answer your emails so this email won't have much to you..
Its great to hear that everyone is doing great! I wish I could better convey how I am doing. Its is awesome here and although it really is a lot of work and very challenging, I am loving every minute of it, and I wouldn't be any other place. I remember so many times thinking about missionaries and wishing I could call them up and see how thier doing. Now I'm the missionary and I wish I could call home and update with everyone there. Just know that I'm doing well!! :)
Ok so randomly throughout the week, things pop into my head and I write them down so I can tell you. Let me start my list of random things..... :)
-I saw a mini cooper one time and it reminded me of mom.. :)
-Hilary! Every Sunday at the Provo mtc, they have a devotional at night and then everyone gets to go to reruns of devotionals or a church movie after the live devotional. GO TO ´´The Character of Christ´´ by David A. Bednar... Soo good. And if you can find it before you go in, watch it with Adam! Please!
-Basically here, we have fish every day.. at least one meal a day, if not two will have some sort of fish dish or shrimp or muscle in it.... Mmmmmm! :)
-I am actually really liking the lisp accent. It sounds suuuper wierd when you first hear it but I have grown to like it and I like using it. Just be prepped to hear it when I come home.. :)
-Madrid has soccer fields called soccer courts all over the place! Its so sweet! When we have work out time, we run like 4 or 5 minutes down the street to this sweeeet cement soccer court stadium. I´ll take a picture or two of it and send it home but picture a cement court with full seating around the whole thing... and.. how should I explain this.. its like the top seat in the bleachers is street level so you walk up to it and it drops way down to the court and its almost always open! :) I think everyones gonna go play after we email actually. :) (btw, I blocked a PK when we were playing on it yesterday... I was kinda proud..)
-OH! I'm really really glad we got another suit. Thank you mother! We don't use them a ton cuz its decently warm weather but we go to the temple weekly and we have two devotionals a week and we use them enough that im really glad I have it. Thanks again.
-On that note.. the weather has been super nice. Not as bad as I had expected and/or heard it would be. Like today, its been kinda rainy and overcast. Not complaining though! :)
-Ok so mom, you mentioned that we all went to the park... ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE PARK  huuuuge... has this lake in the middle of it where people can go boating and it has these little street shops all through it... and has massive fountains that are super old school and old, old building ruins that are crumbling and cool stuff like that. so anyways, we get to go and talk to people every Saturday and you do little comp exchanges and I actually got paired up with Elder Archulettas old comp.. Hah kinda cool. His name is Elder Escobar. He leaves for Barcelona tonight. He was on the three week plan thing. So the park was really awesome. At the end of our hour and a halfish time there we all met back together at one of the main spots in the middle of the park and we sang three hymns. Elder Escobar and I were asked to be the ones that contacted people that stopped to listen. We didn´t have a ton of success but we learned a lot and had a couple of reeeally interesting conversations.. :) Some people start talking and then they don´t stop.... haha and quite a few actually have horrible mumbling and slurring problems.. Like I'm not just saying that cuz I couldn't understand their Spanish, i´m saying it cuz they honestly could not form words.... haha so anyways, we´re doin our best but its tough. Quite a few people from other countries too.. that surprised me.. lots of travelers that didn´t speak english or spanish. Frustrating.

  ...... I KNOW the Spirit is prompting me and I KNOW that the Spirit is helping me learn.
We had to go get some passport picture for our residency forms (like 16 or 18 missionaries... we kinda filled the shop) went to this shop to get pictures and no one could understand the lady and so I went up and figured it out :) and then a missionary wanted to buy a watch too so I helped him and then she explained where to go to get the links out and I had this little convo with her.... Haha it felt really good. But anyways, we´re learning... Spanish, the Gospel, and how to get through life WITH THE SPIRIT. We are all learning so much about that and its awesome. Elder Vosters, my comp, testified last night in a little district testimony meeting we had of the things he is learning and feeling and it was a happy moment for me. :) Anyways, I´m over and I gotta go kick some trash on the soccer court. Love you all!!!!
                  -Elder Norton

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