Friday, April 13, 2012

Provo MTC Week 3 - Sam's Email

Como como como como como como como! = I eat like i eat how i eat as i eat.
You think manderine chinese is hard???????? PSHHHH! :) just kidding.
I love you! I have been receiving more "dear elders" and letters and stuff! Its awesome! Have not heard from clay or kevin though...........O.o
Anywhoo, no prob. :) as long as clay writes me when he gets his call WHICH I THINK WAS YESTERDAY and as along a kevin writes me at least once about climbing V11s and stuff before he leaves for brazil!
Anyways, everything's going well here! My companion and i have received our Visas for Spain and our travel plans as well. We leave the Provo MTC this Tuesday morning at like 6 am to go the SLC airport. We will fly to Atlanta Georgia, have a twoish hour lay over and then fly straight to MADRID ESPAÑIA! We´re pumped out of our minds!
As for some questions that have been asked...
The investigator that we were working with, Jorge, was not an actual investigator. I guess i wasn´t really clear about that in my last email cuz everyone is like oooooooo tell us about your investigator!! :) haha he is one of our Spanish teachers actually.. Hermano McCord. The first week, a different teacher was teacher our classes and we would only meet with ''Jorge" for lessons. We had four total lessons with him and then he became one of our two teachers. This week, we have two investigators, Jose Luis and Luis Guerra. Jose Luis is Hermano Mccord and Luis Guerra is our other teacher Hermano Frost. its not as exciting as everyone probably thought it was... :) cuz they are just returned missionaries helping the newbies learn... pero, its still hard, because they choose investigators from their past mission experiences and portray that person. Jorge, our first missionary, was studying philosophy(?) when we were teaching him so he had tons of questions and we had a really hard time helping him feel things. Not to mention trying to understand and answer his questions... he had a thousand. Our two new investigators both have divorced families... which makes talking about families very touchy. one bounces from church to church really trying to find the truth but is also very knowledgeable and has lots of questions which are hard to understand and explain the answers cuz everything is in Spanish. The other, doesn't really talk... never really asks questions and is extremely hard to read. so we try to help him and understand what he desires to hear and needs to hear but hes really hard to read. We need the spirit hard core cuz investigators are not easy to work with and understand. Anyways, thats our investigators.. we only have like 2 or 3 more lessons with each since we're leaving soon so we'll see.
Thank you thank you thank you for the packages and the letters and the notes!! They are awesome. THE COOKIES.... AHHHHHH sooo good! we picked that package up and took it back to our room. right when i started opening it I was like..... I smell..... something. I smell my moms cookies. O.O :) We were really happy. They are great.
I cant remember what I've told you already but I got my shoes. i got the ties you sent and the package that Mitch sent with the ties and stuff. :) Awesome. annnnd and I think I have receive everything you've sent. I ask for something in the e-mail, it comes a couple days later. :) you rock. But really. You rock.
Couple things...
Hermano Toone, Mitch's mission buddy, teaches here. i don't know if he has said anything to Mitch and if Mitch has said anything but I see him like daily. He's awesome! Also, please post my Madrid MTC address on my FB and ask people to post their addresses of where they will be living next semester so I can write them when they don't write me. :) And then maybe print them off and send them to me in a letter or something. I've been trying to think of anything else I might need. I feel super good. When I get to the Spain MTC I may ask for a thing or two but I won't need anything between now and then.Thanks for everything again. If you want or need to send anything else to me here, I'd do it today... tomorrow early at the latest. Any later and I don't think it will be here before I leave. LOVE YOU AGAIN!
-Elder Norton
ps. my madrid mtc address is
Elder Samuel Norton
     4A Planta
     Calle Del Templo No. 2
     Madrid 28030

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