Monday, April 2, 2012

MTC Day for Sam

Wednesday the 28th we all got up early, had homemade waffles with strawberries and scrambled eggs for breakfast then headed to the basement to help Sam finish getting ready. We had about 15 pages left to read in The Book of Mormon to finish it and Adam was determined that we would do that together before Sam left. I was writing Sam's name or initials on all his stuff then handing it to him, he was packing and organizing his suitcases and backpack, and Adam & Jon took turns reading. When they got to the last chapter Adam asked Sam to finish reading. Then we knelt down for a family prayer. It was the perfect way to spend that last morning together.

We met up with Hilary at  Cafe Rio for lunch, took some photos together, then headed to the MTC for the 12:55 drop-off.

We had all been very composed until that point but when we "handed" Sam over to his escort the tears really started to flow. I suddenly felt like he had been on loan to me for a few short years and now I was turning him back over to his original owner. A good friend of mine describes this MTC day as a "miserable joy". So true ...  What a privilege it is to be a mother!

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  1. i've cried every time i've dropped a sibling off! Sam is probably loving the mtc though!