Monday, April 2, 2012

One last visit with Mitch's Family

Mitch, Jennica and the boys had planned to come to Utah for Sam's farewell Sacrament meeting but having been in town for Grandpa Yarn's funeral only two weeks earlier, it just wasn't possible. We got a family photo at the funeral luncheon and then one more of "Uncle Sam" with Caden and Branson before they flew back to California.
 Mitch moved out of our home at age 18 to go live on campus at BYU. He left on his mission the next summer, returned home two years later but went back to BYU, soon married and of course then had a home of his own with Jennica.

Sam was 12 when Mitch first moved out .... the same age that Adam is right now.  Sam and Adam have always been good friends, but they've become especially close over the last few months. Sam made a point to spend as much time as possible with Adam. Playing basketball at the Rec center, working in the yard, playing ping pong, visiting grandparents, practicing Spanish, watching Avatar or Phineas & Ferb, playing baseball, watching stupid youtube videos, working on Scout requirements, sharing Ranger's Apprentice books, exchanging favorite scriptures, timing themselves solving the rubiks cube ....... they were almost always together.

As a spectator of this, I've had flashbacks of all the things Mitch had done with Sam ....
same mentoring, patience & friendship .... but with a razor scooter, a soccer ball, the trampoline, Calvin and Hobbs books, bowling, Nintendo 64, the P.G. Pool and so much more.
Different props - same life lessons. The influence and love of an older brother is immeasurable! Thanks, Mitch!

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