Monday, July 16, 2012

"Estoy ocupada en una gran obra!" (I'm busy in a great work) Hlary's email

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   First, I love you all. I just stopped by the mission office and picked up my mail. A Dear Elder from Kenz and a Dear Elder from Caitlin! SO good to hear from my best friends. I love those girls. I'm so excited for Kenz. (Hilary's friend McKenzie Giles leaves Wednesday on a mission to Croatia) She's going to be awesome. And I about cried reading the letter from Caitlin. Those girls mean so much to me.

   I think I'm good on money. You probably know better than I do.  I don't think they use US stamps here. I only used those in the MTC with the reverse pouch. But I'll be sending some letters today and I'll just buy Ecuadorian/international stamps. Thanks for the info on the other things and thanks for delivering the gift to Kenz.
     Okay, things are good here. The week has been a roller coaster. There were moments when I missed my family so much but then reminded myself of President Hinckley's story about writing his dad about coming home. I kept saying to myself, "Forget yourself, and just go to work." Then there were other moments when I was so high on life. This work is so rewarding. People we meet with say the nicest things about how we're "sacrificing so much" but I don't feel like I am. I feel like I'm gaining so much more than I could possibly give. But I'm working on giving and giving in every moment. I'm trying to be exactly obedient because I'm realizing how important that is. I'm trying to forget about home and put my whole heart, might, mind and strength in the work. Hence the subject, "Estoy ocupada en una gran obra y no puedo ir." (Nehemiah 6:3) (I'm busy in a great work)
My companion is great. She is a great missionary. We're working hard and, on our own time, we laugh a lot.
     Okay, Friday was the baptism of G. It went very well. She's so strong. Her story is so amazing. I'll write it in a letter. We've been working with a less active family who is just awesome. Their hang-up is that they have soccer games on Sundays. Well, the other night we had a really awesome lesson with them and found out the mom (also, G.) was baptized when she was 13 but never confirmed! So, we're working with her to get her ready. She just can't really progress too far without.. attending church. Which she says she is sure she will not.... There has to be something else there, huh? We're working on uncovering her iceberg. So, this weekend I was fasting for her and we didn't make much progress with her, but another investigator attended church! So when we use the phones in the cabinas shops (because for a while we didn't have a phone) my comp would make the calls and I would talk to the man at the counter. He's so awesome. Anyway, Saturday night we were walking by his shop and I stopped in and invited him to church. Sunday morning, about ten minutes before the meetings ends, he walked in. I wanted to shout for joy, but that's not necessarily acceptable during sacrament meeting in the LDS church. But my heart was very full. He's doing really well. Turns out he actually lives in another branch :( thus we have to pass him along to some elders. un gran regalo, (a great gift) if you ask me. He's already read the book of mormon and is really receptive and doing really well. (His name is E.). Okay, so recently we've had a lot of appointments fall through and contacting is a little difficult because the people here are strict Catholics. But last night we were walking down the street to the home of a woman we'd visited once and a woman walking past us was crying. She looked at us and we reached out to her and she just hugged my companion and cried and cried on her shoulder. We walked with her back to her house and there worked with her and her daughter for a loooong time. They have both been working through some major trials and it has caused a lot of tension between them. Anyway, I feel like we were able to help and she just kept saying, "I was ready to just die and then I saw you guys and I know God sent you to me." Anyway, they've been very receptive and I feel like they're so ready for the gospel! In every way! (Salazar family)
     Mom. You rock. I'm so excited for our whole family to be speaking Spanish! keep going! Dad, I love you and I love receiving your emails! I hope things turn out in your calling. Tell me all about it, I can't wait to hear. Also, ASEA. And Romney.
     Mitch, thank you so much for your thoughts. I'm absolutely going to apply them. We need more references. That's a really hard part of the work. I'm going to use your suggestions tonight. I love you. Tell your wife happy belated birthday for me. When is your baby girl due?!?!?!?!?!
     Okay, I have to go. Thanks for everything.
Hermana Norton

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