Monday, July 23, 2012

"there is NO WAY to be sad in this work!" and photos (Sam)

Malaga missionaries with Pres. and Sis. Clegg before they left for home

Welcome to Pres. Deere and family
Hello Hello!
     Spain rocks! Nuff said. I hope everything back home is as good as it is here! :)
Spain really is so crazy. To travel here, everyone travels by bus... and I´ve been on busses where there are up to 4 or 5 different languages. Its crazy. Obviously a lot of spaniards, a ton of south americans (ecuadorians, bolivians, peruvians, argentinians, colombians), not to mention tons of people from other countries here in Europe... Bulgarians, Romanians, Lithuanians, Russians... and last but not least, quite a few africans.. from ghana who speak english and Twi, morocans who speak arabic.. and much much more! Its crazy! but its fun.
     Yes, the economy here is really struggling.  Work is hard to come by and when people do get work, its often temporary. Our mission president has asked that every missionary be prepared like you would at home for any kind of emergency. And we also have a little food storage.
      Ok, I´ll talk about the work here now... :) EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. Really, I know I say that every time that I write but it is honestly because there is now way to be sad in this work. It is SO hard but it is SO rewarding. Some days, yeah, by the end of the night I am a little sick of spanish......... :) Hahah but I just love the work so much that fight through it and I love it again. Just know that I am happy, learning, growing, and trying to help anyone I can whenever and however I can.
     investigator P is BACK.  Mom, (and all else that may have been praying for our investigators) thank you thank you thank you! She was in the hospital for almost two weeks. She has terrible respiratory problems and cannot get oxygen to her brain so she was really struggling for a while. She has the tube things that go up to her nose now and she is all happy and great again. Now she reads constantly in the Book of Mormon. We give her a chapter and when we come back a couple days later she´s like... I actually read that chapter and then another 30 pages. :) REALLY COOL. 
     investigator R - !. HE IS BACK TOO. Ahhh! This work is soo true! R really really knows that everything is true. He knew it, told us he wanted to be baptized and then someone or something scared him out of it and we thought he was done. He totally dropped us and anytime we would talk to him he would say he was busy and then about two weeks later we when by to see how he was doing and he was soo glad we stopped by! We stopped by a day or so later and he asked to say the opening prayer and in his prayer he asked Heavenly Father to help us come by his house more because he likes what he feels when we´re there. WOOOOOW. :) LOVE THIS KID. We taught a lesson completely directed by the spirit, about the spirit. About when the feelings we get when we know something is true and how the spirit tells us. By the end of the lesson, he was basically telling us he knows its all true and he wants to get baptized. We felt prompted by the spirit to let him pray and decide his own baptismal date and we are going by tonight to see what he says. We are praying that he will decide on the 4th of august because that is the same date as P. :) They have a little bond because they were both investigating and more or less both found out the chruch is true at the same time. We´ll see!
   We have a TON of other investigators its absolutely impossible to talk about all of them........ but the three others with baptismal dates right now are this father from ecuador that is super super criente... (word in spanish that doesn´t really translate over... he is very believing... or believes in God a lot...)  He´s great and he has family that live in california who are members... and they are encouraging him as well. And our other two fechas.. (spanish word for dates) are this spanish mother and her 14 year old son. They are pretty solid catholics but don´t practice very much.. and are just very nice. They have come to church twice and I think they are progressing a lot... We´ll see.
     Elder Jones and I are doing really really well! First transfers ended a week ago and E. Jones is training me so we knew we´d be together this transfer too. Your first two transfers you get trained and rarely ever do you switch comps during training. He´ll probably leave after this transfer though... :( (mid aug). We don´t know though.. we´ll see!
     We don´t have a lot of contact with the Deeres but yes, the family is living here too. They have a 21 year old son that came out for the first week they were here and he just got home from his mission about 7 months ago.. I think.. he served in south america somewhere so he speaks spanish, they have another son serving in the states, a 16 year old daughter who would be a sophomore at Lone Peak right now, and they have a 13 year old son, suuper cool.
     WOW. Mom, Elder Tenny is one of the two other elders in my district. There are only four elders in our district and he is one of them. :) We had splits together one time and we were just telling each other about our lives and he was like... "Oh cool, I had cousins that lived in PG a while back.. but they moved a long time ago.." And I was like "oh... :( well what was their name, maybe i´ll still know them.." and he was like.. "the Fields. Tanner Field." And I just about freaked. :) I was like "No Way!! Tanner Field is your cousin?? We were tight! " So anyways, I definitely know elder tenney! He´s the best!
   I do have an SD card with a bunch of awesome pictures. You´re gonna like em! :) I´ll send it home soon. I have a letter for Hermana Norton :) and one for Elder Thunell. I´ll send the card home with those. If you could resend the letters off to their recipients that would be great. I don´t have their addresses.
    Anyways, I gotta go. I love you all! Again, if you have written me a letter and have not received one back, SEAN PACIENTES, they will come. :)
Love you all again!
-Elder Norton

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