Monday, July 9, 2012

"Yes mother, I can actually read minds! ... problem is their thoughts are in Spanish" (Sam)

Hello to one and to all! I thought i´d start my email off like that cuz its something we hear quite a bit here. That, and also, ´´el numero que ha marcado, no se encuentra disponible en este momento´´.. or they purposefully gave us the wrong number. These Spaniards are tough! :) I´m just gonna say right up at the front that when you learn a new language, the old language that you had gets all jumbled up in your head so if I spell anything wrong or if something doesn´t make sense, blame it on the Spanish.
Yes mother, I can actually read minds! I thought it would prove helpful out here in the mission field.. the only problem is that I still can´t understand all of the Spanish that goes on here so even the thoughts that I do read, they don´t make sense. :) No but really, I knew I needed to write something more than I did. :) I´m happy that my quick message put you at ease. Both E. Jones and I had to come back anyways so it worked out.
Wowow! Love the updates on everything. Especially the missionary calls. If you hear about any others, please please let me know. I FINALLY got this letter from Jade Warburton. He had sent it to the Provo mtc and they had to ship it out here and I just barely got it this last zone conference. He told me he got his call and he´s serving in the Málaga mission! I¨m pumped! You probably remember but he graduated my year, was friends with Carson Wilde and Hunter Cannon and his cousin I think is Jake Warburton, Hil´s friend. I¨m super pumped.
P. is doing better but is still out of town, in a bigger town call Almeria. We haven´t heard much. We think the family thinks we were the start of the health problem........?? No sabemos porque... ya veremos! R. has been hard to contact as well. He has been legitimately busy this last little while but when he´s free he doesn´t make it happen. He´ll be baptized in the future. I know it. And he knows it too, he´s told us!! :/..... We´ll keep workin. I don´t have a ton of time.. I wish we had more, but we are really really hoping to baptise this girl named Y. this Saturday. She has known the church/Book of Mormon /everything is true for a long time but her parents are very against it... and controlling and everything. Understandable, she´s 16 so the parents have a right to be protective but they are being very overprotective and she is actually already living like a member. Nothing in her life will change till she is baptized. This is what we´re going to share with the parents tonight or tomorrow and we´ll go from there. Wish us luck! We also have these two awesome Colombian families who are actually friends that have fechas for the 21st. I really wish I could tell you guys the stories of everyone of these people but we just don´t have time. I still have to write President so i´m gonna have to finish up.
A couple things real quick, these are some notes I wrote down to remember to tell you... Jones told me I was sleep talking in Spanish one night. :) cool. I´m speaking this Sunday annnnnnd we´ve already spoken once.. small branch, you getta speak a lot! Woot! AHH our project! I wish I could write for 10 mins about our project. Just know we´re involving our members a ton with the investigators. :) We were talking to this Spaniard and she told us that my accent is better than my comps... oops. :/ hah Ah! We finally met President Deere and his family! They are phenomenal! I hope I get to write about them again later..
And I think thats all. I really gotta go. I love you all! Everything is better than great here! Know that I´m thinking about you every second of the day!
-Elder Norton

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  1. LOVE Sam's emails. He is hilarious! So glad the work is going so well for him!