Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Hello mother!! and friends and family! Ha.. I guess i´m just a mammas boy..
The work is great in Huércal-Overa! This part of the Lords vineyard! We had a couple of pretty major bumps last week.. but todavia... the work is great!
As of early last week, P. started getting sick... she has had respiratory problems for most of her life due to her smoking but as of recently, she got very sick to the point where she wasn´t eating very much. It got really hard to stay in contact with her as well and we finally had to get in contact with her daughter who doesn´t live with her. She too had been worrying. Turns out, early thursday she went with her daughter to a hospital in almeria and has been there ever since. :/// So please pray for her.. We´ll see.
R. gave us a little surprise early last week. We were just going forward with our lessons.. and this day, we were talking about having the gift of the holy ghost and how we receive it at baptism. We started talking about his baptismal fecha, which was set for the 14th of this month and he stopped us and told us that he didn´t want to wait for the 14th. He wanted to do it this saturday.... So obviously we got really really excited and started moving forward with planning the baptism and the final interview and whatnot... BUT... between the next 2 days... an immense amount of doubt set in. We even warned him that satan would attack him with doubts and fears and to seguir adelante... or... keep going forward i guess is the translation.. but something happened. Something changed him. We think it may have been his mom.. or something he may have read... We don´t know. He told us he wanted to experience the world. We obviously had several more lessons with him where we just sat down and talked.. and i´m just gonna be honest.. we answered evvvery little question he had or doubt he brought up... or.... whatever.. but he was firm. That's why we think someone or something changed him. Not just his own mind. Anyways... rough... and we´re still trying to work with him... but the work moves on!! We have a bunch of new investigators and people coming to our english classes and the work is flourishing..........!
To answer your questions, most of the people we work with are our investigators, not ones that other missionaries worked with. And we are the only two missionaries in our area. I learned that at least in our mission, the missionaries are dispersed through the mission by amount of members in the cities, not by the amount of people in the cities. Usually the bigger cities have more members anyways but they missionaries are dispersed by amount of members and we only have like 24ish members.. hah nuestra ramita = our little branch.
Ahhh! I love the updates on everything! We´re already out of time here AGAIN... but its fine. I don´t have much else to say... other than.... its getting WICKED HOT here. It has hit 46 degrees here... I´ll let you all look that up in farenheit(sp) as some homework. Either way... Its hot. Also, a couple other things.. I bought myself a translater. Its awesome. Really look into getting one for Hil. Dictionaries are a mega pain to carry... so much to the point that we don´t carry them.. but we NEED a way to find and learn words... look into that one I sent you the name of. I bought a ´´Franklin Advanced Global Translater´´ and its good. Also, I got a letter from elder Thunell. I may have already told you. I´m going to write him back and send it home to you guys. then just give it their family or just mail it to wherever he is. Anyways... I think that's all. I love you! I hope the Fourth of July goes great there. Everything really is going awesome here. The church makes it soo easy for the missionaries. Honestly all we have to think about is eating, sleeping, preaching, and ironing our shirts. :) It really puts the pressure on us to do all we can. They make it so easy for us to work, if we don´t do it............. you can finish that sentence how you want to. I guess my.. invitation to all who read this is pray a little more, work a little longer, try a little harder to do your part in the missionary work where you are. ´´Lift where YOU stand´´ as Pres Uchdorf says. :) I love each of you! God be with you...
-Elder Norton

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