Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Please continue to pray that the work here will progress" and photos!!! (Hilary)

Hermana Norton in traditional Ecuadorian dress

Hope all is well at home. Another P-day. Wow. My mission is flying by. The days seem so long and the weeks so short. (Just like you were saying Mom.)

Okay, I usually make a list of things I want to write about, but this week I didn't. I apologize. My letter might be a bit short and boring.

Saturday I received a whole bunch of mail. That was really cool. I received the clothes, Mom. Thank you so much. I love them and they all fit and the skirts are exactly what I needed. I got a letter from Dad. I miss him a lot. It is so cool to hear from him. He always has a spiritual thought or insight. I haven't gotten an email from him in a couple weeks. If he is busy, please tell him I love him and how much I care for him.

I am going to send you all some letters soon. Also, the other day I got in the mail the other SD card. So, I am going to send the one I have home to you now. I will try to send them tomorrow.

Mitch, I love the pictures of your baby girl. She looks just like her parents! I can't believe it! You can get that picture of me from Mom.
Hermana Norton, M , Hermana Guevera

Okay, things are going well here teaching people. Our newest baptism, M. is doing really well. She is so awesome. We have a few other progressing investigators, but we aren't seeing as much success or progress as we would like (or as much as I would think would come from how much work we are putting into each day). Please continue to pray that the work here will progress.

I am attaching pictures of me in the traditional dress of Otavalo and the baptism of M.

Love you. Miss you very much. Mom. Thank you so much for all you do. I love getting things from you and I love getting mail from you. It is so nice to hear from you. It keeps my hopes up :)

Hermana Norton

PS How is Sam doing in Malaga?

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