Monday, September 24, 2012

"Slooooow down now.. ¿tranquilízate vale?" & photos (Sam)

Malaga's cathedral is popularly known as "la manquita", the little one-armed lady, in reference to the fact that its second tower was never completed.

Waz up wazz up??
   I don´t have a lot of time today because I wrote Hermana Norton a good fat email. She has more time on the computer now and we almost haven´t talked at all yet in our missions so I felt that it was necessary.
   WOW. So much going on back at home. So much traveling and fun. I don´t know if I´m just imagining it or what.. but it seems like you guys are traveling a tonnnnnnnnn now that Hil and I are gone.... :) no no.. its ok.. I get it........ :D
   Wow, Mom, I loved your thought about the words ´bind´ and ´bound´. We have read it a thousand times but wow.. it makes more sense the way it was put in your email... ´´we can bind the obedience...´´. sometimes we doubt and feel like we don´t deserve blessings but I have seen SO MANY miracles here in the mission with just being obedient. Example... we plan for the day and we plan a ´´miracle lesson´´ during an hour when we don´t have anything.. we work so hard alll day, all all day.. and we end up with that miracle lesson and an awwwesome new investigator that told us..."I would like to join this congregation.........." WOW. We did our part, SO the Lord did His.
   Tell Annika Jaccard congrats on first runner up! Thats so awesome!
   YESSSSSS. R´s other sister and mother were baptized!! And the other couple that were on the blog from Huércal-Overa, Elder Jones and I taught them too. :D AHHHH
   Tell Adam I´m proud of him. Whether he´s proud of himself or not, I´m proud of him. AND I GOT HIS LETTER. I LOVE HIS LETTERS SOO MUCH!
   Asea is going well... go figure. :) So you guys know, when I come home, I´m gonna learn 3 more languages and then help Asea extend further into those countries. :) mark my words!!! Keep me updated on Matthew Peters please. If their family says anything to you I would love to hear it. :)
   Next time you see Brother Walkenhorst, tell him I say hello! Also, please try to get the Parsons address for me. I´d love to write them a letter.

   We set 4 awesome baptismal dates this last saturday. Elder Núñez and I did splits with the two elder serving in melia (they are here visiting Málaga for safety precausions). So Elder Núñez went with Elder Jones (a different elder jones) and they ended up setting this fecha with this argentine guy, Mx... SUPER AWESOME. basically gonna get baptised without a doubt.. :) and Elder Bailey and I went to other citas and we set 3 fechas with this awesome family and this lady that lives there too. Do. is from ecuador and his wife is from paraguay and they have two kids, a little boy (4) and a little girl (2). M, this lady from ecuador, lives with them and came out of her room one of the first days we were there and listened for like 5 minutes and then ended up saying the closing prayer... so awesome! So elder Bailey and I ended up setting fechas with them three for the 13th of october as well. Mx´s fecha is for the same day. We´re super excited!
   This is the last week of the transfer. ALREADY. My third transfer in the field ends this week! WOW. And in 4 days I FINISH THE FIRST FOURTH OF MY MISSION. Wow, its going too fast. Slooooow down now.. ¿tranquilízate vale? But anyways, so this friday we will find out if one of us is leaving or if we´re both staying or what.. this is only Núñez´s second transfer here so we don´t think either of us will go but we´ll see. We´re gonna have a bunch of baptizms this next transfer so pray with us that we stay together! :)
  Anyways, family and friends, I love you all! Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Go reread the introduction to the book of Mormon and the testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. Then ask in faith to your Father in heaven to reassure and re-edify your testimony of Joseph Smith. His role is so so important in the fullness of the Gospel. Then, listen. Listen closely. And Continue listening and watching UNTIL you receive an answer. Because God will NEVER leave a question unanswered. And then don´t forget to write me and tell me what you learned. :) I love emails and letters!
   Gotta go! Love you!
-Elder Norton

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