Monday, September 3, 2012

"A native companion brings a whole new perspective ... it's fun!" (Sam)

Hey hey hey!
   Wow Málaga is awesome! I love it here! Its huuuge. And especially compared to Huércal-Overa but its great. Elder Nuñes and I are working great together and I am learning more spanish every day and he is learning english super fast too. A native companion just brings a whole new perspective on everything. Its fun.
   I just saw the picture on the blog (Sam's mission president's wife keeps a blog for the Malaga mission) of Elder Jones and Elder Baraona in Huercal-Overa. Yeah, a girl named Pr. got baptized (a friend of R.... the shorter girl on the left side in white) and R´s older sister got baptized as well, N., the one on the right. AHH SO EXCITING. :)
   Haha.. yeah, those other pictures were at zone conference and yes.. I was on my feet more than on my seat. :) I dunno.. there was a need for someone to bring food back and forth and stuff.. so I felt better on my feet. But zone conference was "thee best". Ahhh it was awesome! The focus of zone conference was "the rescue" and helping less actives come back to the church... cuz there´s a ton :(... but President Deere showed the little 5 minute segment of toy story three when buzz changes to spanish buzz and is trying to show off to impress the cowgirl.. can´t remember her name... and he does this big trick and lands right in front of everyone and says.... BUZZ... AL RESCATE! Which means buzz to the rescue. :D it was hilarious. And it was soo good to see a movie again. :) I looove movies and we can´t watch them so it was good to see one again.
   You mentioned BYU starting up their season. I want details! Maybe dad will have to send me something on names and positions. Keep me updated! :)
   Also! I want updates on Romney and Obama and everything in the states. WE HEAR NOTHING. In fact, we don´t even hear anything about Spain... and we´re here!
   My camera has stopped charging.......... O.o... So I may need to buy a new one... We´ll see. I´ll let you know next pday if I need to buy a new one.
   I´m kinda bummed cuz this computer wasn´t working at the start  this morning and we already have to go meet up with some other elders and hermanas. The work here is great! We have several good investigators that are coming right along. Missionary work is just the best because everyone has one purpose. It doesn´t matter who you are working with, when you work with them, for how long you work with them, all comps are the same, the doctrine is all the same and TRUE, and the Church is growing suuuper fast. In the month of August our mission had 65 baptisms........ :) that's more than two baptisms a day every day of the month. Anyways, we gotta go! I love you all!
-Elder Norton

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  1. Joanna,
    Jade has tried to call. I think he will keep trying to get in touch with you before he leaves. His farewell is Sunday and he goes into the MTC next Wed. Visa's are stopped right now for Spain so it looks as if will be training all 9 weeks at Provo. I was glad to read that Sister Deere keeps a blog. WOuld you mind sending me that info please?

    Heather Warburton