Thursday, August 30, 2012

"... everybody laughed, I wasn´t even trying to make em laugh, but cool!" (Sam)

 The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us 
to count our blessings.
Eric Hoffer

When I'm worried and I can't sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep.

Irving Berlin

Wowo! So much going on its crazy!
     So yes, I was transferred to Málaga! Downtown Málaga. Crazy, awesome, downtown, city, skyscrapers Málaga. It´s so awesome! Deffffinitely a change from lil´ Huércal-Overa. I miss that place soo much but I know that God´s timing is perfect. He knows what He´s doing and He knows what we´re doing. Better than we do in fact. Anyways, I´m here in Málaga and I love it. Its not as hot here but its definitely more humid. It has its goods and bads. OUR PISO ROCKS. Air Conditioning, washer, dryer, dishwasher, random tiny tv (I have no idea why.... cuz it never ever gets pulled out or turned on), a little tiny view of the Mediterranean sea... we´re still really far away so we can´t see the beach but we have this little view of the water and its awesome! Every once and a while big cruise liner ships go by... its sweet. 
     MY COMP IS DA BOMB. His name is Elder Núñez and he is from Honduras. He knows a little bit of English and is learning suuuper fast but we talk in 94% spanish. Its fun. :) I still have a lot to learn but I can now see how much the Lord is blessing me with this language. Its hard, yeah, but its possible. And so much more possible with the help of the lord. I pray for the gift of tongues every prayer. But its suuper great. We have this language system going already... one day we both speak Spanish so I can hear him speak, the next day we both speak English so he can hear how I speak and the next day I speak Spanish and he speaks English. :) then we start over. Haha its great. We have the exact same time in the mission. He only had to stay in the mtc for three weeks cuz he speaks Spanish so he went directly to the Madrid mtc. He entered the Madrid mtc March 28th and stayed there three weeks and then went to the field. I entered the provo mtc March 28th and was there three weeks and then went to the Madrid mtc. So we missed each other there by like 2 days.. :/ hah He has one more transfer in the field than I do but we are loving it cuz we are basically the exact same. We think the same, we learn the same, we teach really well together, we compromise really well, he is an extremely spiritual person... ahhh! Its great! Anyways, all is good with the new area and comp. I´m lovin life. :)
     Guess what, remember when we decided that I wasn´t going to bring my little ipod cuz it had radio capability? Just this past week we got a mass text from the APs saying that President Deere is asking all who have radio playing devises to send them home asap. Even if you have never used the radio... :) Go us! for following the rules in the first place. :D

     I got your toy story postcard and your letter with P letter too. I got them before I came to Málaga and I just forgot to tell you last week in the email. P was almost in tears as she read your letter. She needed no help reading it. The Spanish was super awesome mom. Also, I gave her our home address and your names and she said she was going to write you back mom. :) So expect a letter coming your way in spanish. That´ll be the true test. :)  haha
     Anyways! I don´t have much more. Everything here is going awesome! Big cities are kinda hard cuz there is soo much walking and if you get failed after a 30 minute walk you just wasted a ton of time. Its okay, we continue to see the silver lining in the rough moments.  :)  Oh, btw, our WARD is like 120somethin members. WOW. Forgot what it felt like to be in a huge meeting again. Super fun. They called me up to the pulpit to introduce myself and I made everybody laugh.. no biggy... :) haha I was like... ´´I'm really exited to be here! Elder Núñez and I are fairly new in the mission but we are ready to work hard. My last area was a branch of 25 people so this is a big change... but I still want to get to know all of you! So.... Find me!´´ :) and everybody laughed. I wasn´t even really trying to make em laugh but cool! I thought I maybe said something wrong........ Haha but elder Nunez said that I said it right. Whatev!
   Life is good! Count your blessings! You don´t realize how many you have! I love you all! Take care of yourselves and I´ll take care of myself. :) Pray for me and I´ll pray for you!
   -Elder Norton

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