Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"We had two baptisms Saturday!" (Sam)

Hello family and friends!
   Everything is going so well here! We had two baptisms this last saturday, and we´re possibly going to have one every saturday this month. Pray with us for our goals! :)
   P. and R. were baptized this last saturday! P. knew it was going to be my first baptism so she asked me to baptize her. :) So that was super awesome. R. was baptized first and a member in our branch named J. M. performed the baptism, and then P. was going to go second. R. is a big kid... and when he got baptized in that little(ish) font, P. got a little nervous. She started worrying after she saw R.´s baptism that one of us would slip or that I wouldn't be able to help her out of the water or something..... So we got in and she was a bit out of breath so we waited for almost 2 minutes before she told me she was ready. When I baptized her it was super tranquilo.. super chill. She´s a very small person and it was really easy to just help her under and pull her right back out. I think she was surprised at how quick it was. :) Anyways, everything went really well and the confirmations were done Sunday in church and we had 9 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH. It was super awesome. At the baptism, there were 15 non members and 14 members. :) kinda funny, there were more non members than members... and then Sunday there were 9 non members. It was awesome! The two sisters of R. now want to be baptized.. :) but their mom is still very hesitant. We are working with them. Just building the relationship so she will really listen to what we are saying. Anyways, its all good! And this Saturday, we will have the baptism of una española named M. She is really, really awesome. At first, she would always say, well thats good... but... everyone has there point of view.... or cada persona su manera... :) but we really taught to her needs, aka about the family, plan of salvation, how we can be with our families if we follow Christ, and it really really caught her attention. She has attended church every Sunday since we first met her and she told us that she received a very firm answer during one of her prayers. Anyways, she's awesome. Her ex-husband came unexpectantly to visit the kids the day of the baptism of P. and R. and she still found a way to make it to the baptism. She was crying basically the whole time and she told us how happy she is for her baptism the coming Saturday. We´re pumped. :)
   I´m glad you got my package! They´re kinda pricy to send... :( or I would send more.. but i´m glad you liked it! ADAM. MEMORIZE THAT BOOK. Its awesome. And work on it WITH mom. It is meant to be used with other people, practicing and having conversations. As you read, read everything outloud. It is probably the best way to learn spanish because you are learning words, practicing pronunciation, and hearing Spanish all at the same time. So read outloud. Mom, I will tell P. you love the fan. :) She´s awesome. We played soccer last pday and she found out and she gave me cleats and a jersey and shorts....... She just randomly gives us stuff. She gave me this huge Spanish book too... Anyways. :) You got my letter too.. Good.
   I don´t really need anything... dinero, no. Medicina, no. Ropa, no. I do have both SD cards, and i´m filling it up as fast as I can. :) Para que sepáis, I got your package in like exactly one week. :) Thats pretty good. Letters, its about the same. I think 5 days. The last day of this transfer is the 19th of this month. Most likely,  Elder Jones will go. There's a chance that I will go.. there's a chance that neither of us will go... We´ll see!
   Wow. You´re package was GREAT. Loved every bit of it. Really, when you send packages, I love getting random bits of home. Mostly things that I can eat... :) cuz they don´t have a lot of the same stuff here.  Anyways, sorry my emails are always so scattered and random. Haha, I just spit everything and anything comes to mind out onto the screen. I read Hermana Norton´s emails and they are all perfectly formatted (not to mention that shee spellz evreething rite), super neat, well thought out... mine on the other hand, not so much. :) 
   I love everyone! I hope all is going well there. Everything here is great. We struggle and work but its all for the right reasons. Elder Holland once stated...  
 “I am convinced that missionary work is not easy 
because salvation is not a cheap experience. 
Salvation never was easy. 
We are the Church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, 
and He is our Great Eternal Head. 
How could we believe it would be easy for us 
when it was never, ever, 
easy for Him?”
... but in his awesome, Jeffery R. Holland- strongly encouraging- chastening voice ... wow, is he powerful. The work IS hard. But its only because salvation is SO worth it. Never forget who we are. We are members of the one and only true church on the face of the earth. Participants in pure and holy saving ordinances that can ONLY be brought about by the perfect authority of God. Do we constantly thank our Father in Heaven for what he has given us? We must always strive to thank him more. I love each and every one of you. Yes, if you are reading this, I love you! The work is true. Many have some of the truth. Few have all of the truth. And now we much share it with everyone else. Until next time!
-Elder Norton

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