Sunday, August 12, 2012

A letter from Hilary! and suggested reading material

"Quito, Ecuador is a city of heights and elevations. The air is thin, and you may even lose your step for a few days while you adjust to the world’s second highest capitol city. You can ride the cable car, the teleferico, and climb Pichincha Volcano, to a height of 4,100 meters (13,400 feet). If you go on a clear day  you’ll be able to see most of the city of Quito, which sits nicely in a valley among the Andes mountains. If you’re up for it, you can also bike or hike up Pichincha Volcano, but that’s an all day excursion so be sure you’ve had time to adjust to the altitude."        
 info courtesy of FoxNoMad

   Oh my goodness! I miss you all so much! My homesickness spiked when I got to the field and I don't know why? I love Ecuador! I love Quito, it is so beautiful! Hilly and green and the sky is so blue! We're so high up I feel like I'm up in the clouds, I mean, it appears that way. I love the people here. In the streets it seems like people start at me, like I'm a creature they've never seen before. But I can tell it's mostly that they have never seen a gringa before. I smile at them and say "buenas tardes" and they're all so great! I love this work. It's so cool to find people who are interested in listening and want to change. When they say we can come teach them I'm jumping up and down inside because I know that if they accept the Gospel they will have happiness they've never experienced before. They're all so kind, too. They always want to feed us and love just sitting and talking with us.
   Okay so, we had a pretty cool experience the last time we went proselyting in Lima. We prepared to teach a 16 yr old girl who is recently baptized but not attending church. When we got to her house her father, who is a strict Catholic, answered the door. We invited him to join. I'm not sure why she doesn't want to attend, she was just saying things like "oh, I don't know. I get tired and just don't want to go." So, we worked with her a little and her dad the whole time was just completely silent. And then I felt very strongly that I should bear a very serious testimony so that 1) she could know what blessing she could receive if she returned and 2) so that her dad could have a better understanding. After I bore my testimony he started asking questions. He was suddenly interested. We gave him a pamphlet and committed him to attend church the next day with his daughter. I hope that he did. I think that one of the most powerful parts of a missionary's testimony is that he / she is on a mission. In a far away place talking to people they don't know. It is thought provoking - this work means so much to a 20ish yr old person that they left everything to come here and share it... that's pretty powerful. If I were not a member and learned that about the missionaries, I would be curious about what they were teaching. Here in Quito we've had some good experiences too. I'm looking forward to when we can really see the results. I guess it's too early now.

   Yesterday at church a woman pulled out a giant magnifying glass to read her manual. Reminded me of you, Mom. :)

    Okay the food I have had so far in South America is SO good. You need to make Humitas. Its this corn dish. Also we always have grilled banana, soup with corn and rice, its all so good. Also, Quimbolitos! So good!

   Dad, yes, I'm getting your emails, I love hearing about your adventures. Please tell the Tyler Norton family that I miss them! I'm trying to be exactly obedient and only write letters on P-Days. Today is July 23, so I'll finish quickly and get it in the mail.

   Family, for Family Home Evening por favor lean los discorses siguiente (read the following discourses) and stop and discuss every couple of paragraphs:

* "In Tune with the Music of Faith" by Elder Cook
* "How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration in Your Personal Life" by Elder Scott
* "Willing and Worthy to Serve" by Pres. Monson
* "Mountains to Climb" by Elder Eyring
* "Was it Worth it?" by Elder Evans
* "The Merciful Obtain Mercy" by Elder Uchtdorf

 Okay, no more room or time. I love you! Hope all is well!
Hermana Norton

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