Monday, August 20, 2012

"I didn't realize it until it brushed against my tongue ... and I could feel all the hair." (Hilary)

photo courtesy of Howard Collett - LDS Church News

"nuca otavalopa camponi"

(^^^^ That is Quichua for I am in Otavalo)

añlksdjfñalksjdfñalksjdfñalksjdfñalksjdfñalksdjfñalksjdfñalksjdfñalksjdf ... and <<<<< that is quichua for "We had emergency transfers!" I am in Imbabura. It is basically Otavalo but a different stake where all of the meetings are Quichua and all of the members are indigenous. Things are going well. My companion is great. Her name is Hna. Guevara. She really likes to work hard and she has a LOT of faith. Things are very very different here than Santa Ana. Okay, I don't have much time because we don't get much of a p-day today. But a few things I wanted to say.

Wow, next week I will write about the experiences that we have had, but literally I feel like I am in a National Geographic mag. All the things we have seen and done are so incredible. I am going to take pictures and send them Monday.

Congratulations Rice Family!!!! I need pictures of my niece!

We helped some Elders the other day with a service project in the ward. We put up a room for an oven. It was really hard work,  Dad, you would have been very proud. I just kept thinking about how grateful I am for what you have taught me about hard work. After, they gave us lunch. GUESS WHAT IT WAS! Woooooo. Pig skin! I didn't realize it until it brushed against my tongue in one direction and I could feel all the hair. Yeah. So. Hope you're all enjoying Wendy's. If you get a chance, priority ship me a frosty or a bean burrito from Taco Amigo. Thanks a million.

Woo! So Saturday is E. Holland! We are all so excited. Apparently in another mission he visited, while he was talking, he randomly called two elders up to the front ..... So, Everyone is nervous.... 


H. Norton.
see more about Otavalo people HERE

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