¡Muy buenos días!
   Great to hear from everyone back in English speaking land.. I´m still trying to understand the English they speak here..... its some reeeally weird dialect I guess. 
   Everything is great here! M. ¡se bautizó! Wooooooooh! M. got baptized! It really is soo awesome to see Spaniards get baptized. Yeah, salvation is the same for everyone... Hah claro, but baptizing a Spaniard is special  :) Our goal for this month as a mission was 70 baptisms which would be about 1 person per companionship. Our goal here in Huércal-Overa was at least one baptism a week. :) first week, 2 baptisms. This last Saturday, 1 baptism. This upcoming Saturday, the 18th, we´re lacking a soul to save. please PRAY WITH US. And the 25th, we are preparing ourselves for a baptism of at least 3, maybe 5, hopefully 6. :) Depending on what happens with families and people and the will of the Lord and such. We´ll keep working and praying.. again, please pray with us! :)
   Funny story real quick. M. got baptized this Saturday right? And for converts, they do the confirmation the next day in church. Turns out she doesn´t show up............ and so we start..... and we sing.. and we pray..... and then President has a couple announcements..... and he´s looking at the program that says... "confirmation of M"... and she´s not there. So he says, "Well, we´re going to move on to the next part of the meeting, la Santa Cena"... and right then, M. and her little 3 year old daughter M. come in. :) and President says, "and before we participate in the sacrament, M. will be confirmed a member of the church. We´ll take care of that right now." :D WHAT A MIRACLE. Ahhh soo great! She was kinda confused. She came in and sat down, and wasn´t really listening to what President Álverez was saying and then we invite her up to the front and within a minute of her arrival, four sets of hands were on her head :) and a Sacred Saving Ordinance took place. Wow.
   Anyways, a couple comments and answers to your emails real quick...
Dad, I love those two stories that Penny shared. He´s gonna rock the mish. Ahhh MISSIONS ARE SO GREAT. IF YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW GO ON A MISSION. But really, anyone that is thinking about going on a mission, you have My Word, it is By Far, the greatest thing I have done in my life. Yes, probably the hardest as well. In my opinion, THAT IS WHY it is the greatest thing I have done in my life. Great things come ONLY through much sacrifice.
   Anyways, papa, thanks for the missionary/doctrinal info. LOVE IT. REALLY. And I love love the world updates. We Hear Nothing Here. NOTHING. Keep me updated por favor.
   Please don´t sell the mini cooper before I get home. :)
   Great story about Adam ... ADAM. IS. A. MACHINE. But whats new.... :)  te quiero amigo!
   Mitch! Keep me updated on the baby!! Its coming soon right?
   btw, ask Will Montgomery if he got my letter please... and if so, give him a hard time for not writing me back. :)
   And yes, I do get Hermana Norton's emails. Should I forward mine to her too... or are you forwarding them to her?
   I haven´t gotten the letter yet but it´ll get here tomorrow morning. I´m sure the one for P will make sense but i´ll read it before to make sure. :) Thanks mama!
   Ahhh Mom! the notes from that talk. Loved them. Thank you so much!
We have to go! The store we´re emailing from is closing and we´re out of time. I don´t have my camera with me today so no pictures.. :( sorry  i´ll remember next time!

¡Os quiero muchísimo! (I love you very much!)
-Elder Norton