Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"transferred to Malaga ... and it's sooo hard to leave!" (Sam)

Hello to one and to all!
   Wow. We feel your prayers. I heard once that the missionaries are the second most prayed for people in world... just behind the prophet. I believe it. WE FEEL YOUR PRAYERS. KEEP PRAYING.
   ME VOY. I AM BEING TRANSFERED TO MÁLAGA. wow......... AHHH still hasn´t sunk in! I have been in Huércal-Overa 2 transfers, 12 weeks, and I am now being transfered to Málaga 2. Huércal-Overa is the smallest area in the mission. Málaga is the largest.... Haha I´m super super pumped. Yes, its suuper hard. We just baptized 3 people, and next saturday will be a baptism of 3 more...... :) super exciting....... and it is sooo hard to leave. When we told R and his family, his mom, more than anyone, was basically as sad as me that I am leaving. She kept saying... pero, porque? no esta bien.. no esta bien... :) I guess we´ll see! She's doing a lot better btw. The sister of R, N, is being baptized this next saturday and we are going to start working with the other sister as well. We know its obviously a lot better to work with the whole family but it is almost impossible with this family. They don´t live in the same house cuz one daughter is taking care of an older woman in her house and the rest of the family is always away from home. anyways... things are looking very good for that family!
   Wow! Learned a huge lesson the other day. What are the ´´Offerings´´ that are also found on the tithing slips? They are voluntary donations from members that go to people in need. For example. M. Has no job, no food, little water, an extremely injured knee, a messed up back, and two children under the age of 14. MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH.... LEARN MORE ABOUT THE OFFERINGS WE CAN GIVE TO THE CHURCH AND GIVE MORE. There are people in the world that are in need. Poor in finances but rich in faith. Hungry physically but are feasting upon the words of Christ. Exercise your personal faith in the Lord and give more to the funds of the church. The church of God is perfectly organized. The money will go where it needs to go.
   Thank you for the address. If others like that come to mind, please send them to me. I´ll ask for them if I think of any. I hear from Nate a lot. His letters are the best. We´re allowed to email as well. He´s the best. I wrote Clay back and then haven´t heard from him. He´s going into the mtc this wednesday I think. I´ll email him. 
   I love the idea of keeping all the letters and emails in order, in a book. MOM, YOU'RE THE BEST.
   I think the weather in Málaga will be somewhat cooler but not cold enough for chocolate treats yet.... sadly........ I´ll let you know.
   Mother, answers to your important questions. I feel very, very safe. Spain has extremely low theft robbery, fight, mug numbers. It basically never happens. I´ve never been threatened. Never been followed. Never been robbed.  We have a cell phone. 
   Don´t worry about the blog being private or not. Everyone in this little pueblo knows who we are, what we do, and who we represent. Its kind of what we want. If someone´s following  closely, i´m hoping they´ll find me... cuz they´ll find the Church and get baptized :) ojalá
   Adam, don´t stress about jr high. You will figure it all out and people will be drawn to YOU. I´m not trying to tell you you´ll be popular or not.. i´m saying that they will be drawn to your personality. I know you. I have spent as much if not more time with you than any of your friends. I grew up with you. I know you. BE YOU. BE YOURSELF. People will be drawn to your personality. Love you kid!
Ahhh! I never have enough time! I read through everything you send me. I love hearing from you. I hope you enjoy this email as much as I enjoy yours. LOVE YOU.
Pray to Heavenly Father more. He wants to help.
-Elder Norton

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