Monday, September 10, 2012

"tune in next week to 'the many milagros that the Lord pours down upon His people' " (Sam)

Hello to one and all. Elder Norton callin´ in from DOWNTOWN MÁLAGA.

   Wow! What a great week! We worked soo so hard this week and we know we are eventually going to reap what we have sown. Everytime I have a chance to sit down and talk with one of God´s children here, I am reminded of his unending love for each and every one of His kids. Its soo dificult because there are soo many people and so many distractions in the world but those that give us a minute and are willing to listen to the spirit of God, Really Feel His Love. I testify that We Can Too. Sometimes we forget how much God wants to bless us. He is waiting with open arms. All we have to do is Pray regularly and ask Him for guidence, Read and Study thoroughly in the scriptures, and Go to church Seeking inspiration. He will answer and guide us if we are constantly looking.

   Hey, I loved the update on everything! Sounds like all three of you are suuper busy with everything. I reeaally want an update from Adam about Jr. High. EMAIL ME  <3 YOU. :) Mom´s workin in the temple learnin spanish and piano! Wooop! And papa is as busy as ever with IBM, ASEA, and the new calling. Soo good to hear!

   AHH! P is the best! Definitely write her back (one because its good practice for your spanish :) and two because she will love that). And she loves, loves music. The restoration movie that we use as missionaries is her absolute favorite and she turns on the part where Joseph has the first vision and the music is.... Oh how lovely was the morning... she turns it on full blast and just dies listening to it. So if you want to send her something, send her cds or dvds with spanish choir music or the hymns in spanish. AHH that would be awesome. You rock!

   Btw, Huercal Overa update that I got today from Elder Jones... Two saturdays ago Ru. and Pr got baptized, last saturday Pr's mom got baptized, and in the upcoming week or two, there will be at least two more baptisms of people that elder jones and I taught!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D Soo awesome! That branch is lighting up! WOOP!

   Here in the city I feel a huge huge difference in the work. Its super tough cuz city people live a completely different life than town people. Everyone is in a hurry, constantly doing something or earning money or losing money.. Hah.. not to mention the fact that we walk and walk and walk and then if an appointment fails us we´ve wasted all that time.. :/ in Huercal-Overa we were always by 2 or 3 or 5 investigators and you´d constantly be seeing the same people all across the town cuz its so small. In Málaga we can look diligently for a family of 5 for 2 weeks and not see one of them. Haha but we really are getting super close with a bunch of people. This girl named Me. from Honduras and her boyfriend who is a less active from a long time ago are getting married super soon and right after she wants to get baptized.  This family of 4, parents, a 4 year old boy and a 3 year old girl are progressing soo much. The boy is autistic and the parents worry so so much about coming to church with him but last night we had an awwesome lesson with them. And this Ecuadorian lady that is living with them came out of her room and listened to us too. She´s awwwesome! She listened to the last like 5 minutes and then decided to say the closing prayer. AHH. milagros milagros milagros! We have this dope guy from Ghana named A. He speaks english and spanish and is muslum but he is listening to us and he is so great! He believes strongly in the koran (sp) but is reading a little in the Book of Mormon and is like... "did you guys know that the Book of Mormon and the koran say a lot of the same stuff?? "  :) We watched this awesome movie about Christs life and the miracles He did and we asked A to pray to find out if Christ really is the Son of God or only a prophet (which is what they believe) and he told us over the phone that he has something to tell us next time we talk. We´re pumped!

   Anyways, thats the update right now of the work here in Málaga. Now for a couple random things that happened or I realized...... :)
-My same model of car, VW Golf, is ALL OVER THE PLACE IN SPAIN. Here in Málaga we counted how many times we saw my car in one hour.... 13 times in one hour. Thats an average of one sighting every 4 mins and 30 seconds........... lo echo de menos.. :)
-My camera works. No stress there.
-I got the package that was sent to HuercalOvera. AWESOME. Thank you so much.
-Next time you send a package, whenever, no rush, please send dill pickle flavored spits sunflower seeds, :) and my black skinny tie with little white dots. Thanks!
-Dad, Please send me those names of people you met in italy that you said live in Málaga... or nearby... they are perfect future investigators or references for other missionaries. Thank yuuh!
-Adam, you would be proud. 3 of my first 4 companions have learned how to do the Rubik´s cube. E. Nuñez finish the cube for the first time on his own two days ago. :) Aaaand we were at this member's house the other day that they pulled out a deck of cards and I threw down so DOPE MAGIC TRICKS. No tenían palabras... no sabían que decir. :D (>´´)> Aand we played some soccer the other day and I was kind of a wall in the goalie box.. and I had a sweet goal off a volley. Sorry, had to toot my horn there for a sec. I hope your proud of me, Lil bro! :)

   Anyways... thats all for now folks! Hope you tune in next week to ´´the many milagros that the Lord pours down upon his people´´ :)

I love you! Pray for me and I´ll pray for you! AHHH I´M ALMOST 1/4 DONE. WOW.
-Elder Norton

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