Monday, December 17, 2012

Christ=Christ....Mas=More......... Go figure! (Sam)

Hello! Its december here in Málaga and it doesn't look at all like Christmas! :( haha Yesterday, Elder Hafen and I were in short sleeves the whole day... Although I haven´t actually been dreaming of a white christmas, I have been singing the song every time we walk into our apartment. :)
   Things are great here! People have decorations and stuff up but it just doesn´t compare to the mass amounts of christmas lights and pine smell that is found in the states... Be grateful for what you have!! You don't realize how much you take for granted! The states are the best!
   First off, Dad, of course I remember Jordan! Go by maceys again sometime and tell Jordan hi for me. Tell him to keep shooting the 3 ball, no body could ever stop that kid around the 3 line. :)

Things are great with M. and his family. The whole family attended M's baptism ....... they came to church together the next morning, and everytime we have passed by to visit them, the entire family is there ready to listen and learn. The gospel is the glue that is holding their family together. It is slow going but I know it is blessing them and bonding them again. They have a bright future.They all came to church again yesterday and they all went to the ward Christmas activity on friday. They have fechas for the 29th and we´re working hard with them.
   We set fechas with I. and 2 of her daughters! What an awesome family and lesson! We have a lot or work to do with that family but we´re excited and so are they! I´ll keep you updated.
   I have recieved 3 packages.. and I have a slip of paper from the post office that says there's something waiting for me there... haha probably another one.. you´re awesome! Elder Hafen´s fam sent him a package but it still hasn´t gotten here and he just kept giving me more and more flack every time I get a package  or a letter.. haha so we walked in the other day and I had another package and he starts giving me flack and whatnot :) and I look at it and read on the side where you'd written "for your companion... elder hafen?" and I got a huge grin on my face... haha so we got in the elevator and I lift it up and turn that side of the box to him and I said..  "oye, mira..." and he turned and looked at me and was like what?... and then his eyes flickered down to the box and I watched him read it.. and then he grabbed.. and was like.. "whaaat??" :) haha so we walk into our place and he´s already opening it. :) He was probably supposed to wait to open it.. but he didn´t. haha he was really happy though.. his family´s package still hasn´t arrived.. :\

   If Ty and Allie really wanna bring me a box or something they can... :)  A JUMP DRIVE WITH MUSIC and or CHURCH MOVIES would be SUPER awesome. :) Or talks.. orrr stuff like that. fyi, each piso in the mission/a little dvd player screen thing for missionaries to watch the district videos on.. and it has a usb slot so put whatever music or talks or church movies or whatever you want on there. I would really appreciate that. :)  I don't really NEED anything. I´m very happy and healthy! :)
   WOW! Stacie and Janessa going to the same missions! I love love love hearing about people and missions.. So please keep me updated on mission calls and people. :) And tell them both congrats and that they´re gonna rock!
   mom! I´m so proud of you for playing at the recital! I remember them being more nerve wracking than they should´ve been. I´m really glad you did it. :) you´re my hero!
   Anyways, two things real quick, tell Mo Jennings "hi" for me if you see him. Also, we don't know anything about making Christmas calls yet .... just that WE CAN USE SKYPE. :) I think we´ll find out more soon. I´ll let you know.
   I love you all! I have to go but I love you and hope you all have a very merry and white Christmas.
     Christ=Christ....Mas=More.........  Go figure!
Love you!

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