Thursday, December 20, 2012

"I am grateful every day for the privilege it is to be here ..." (Hilary)

December 1993

Dear blog friends,

Hilary was transferred from the Imbabura area to another area this past week. The last few days there were very difficult. She was very invested in the welfare of those great people and I think a piece of her heart is still there.  Please keep her in your prayers.

 Dear Fam,


Love you all and hope you're all doing so well. We have had a lot of changes lately. 


To begin with, I want to thank you for the opportunity I have been given to help finish training the Hermana Davila. Although it is hard to say goodbye, I am really looking forward to starting my time here and I am excited for the opportunity.

What happened Tuesday really threw me off for a little bit . Our leaders were explaining to us how we needed to move forward and not put attention on what had happened.  I can testify that when I am trying to do what I know God needs me to do, He is 100% willing to support me. He gave me strength and comfort and peace throughout the week, which is exactly what I was praying for. I think the whole experience has just helped me recognize how real God is, as well as the necessity of opposition.

Our numbers for this week weren't as high as we would have liked for them to be. In Imbabura I have found that the weight or responsibility of the missionaries is as much re-activating as it is working with investigators. I have really seen conversions in Imbabura (with converts as well as with members) and I think there is nothing as satisfying knowing that you are able to play a part in that. I am grateful every day for the privilege it is to be here and I want to keep working harder to deserve the confidence of my leaders, as well as my God, as a representative for this perfect church.

F. and L. were able to be confirmed yesterday; they live far from the chapel and have a lot of responsibilities Sundays. They have been waking up hours earlier than usual to finish they chores so they can attend church. After what happened last Sunday, I think they recognized even more the need to strive.

Yesterday in the morning we woke up at 5:30 to travel to a community where a few of our investigators with baptismal dates live. We arrived and did what we could to invite them to come to church. It is really disappointing to work really hard and do everything within our control and watch the members and investigators unwisely exercise their agency, but I guess it will give a little more perspective to life. Hermana Packard reminds me of what great training the mission is for parenting. I am grateful for the experiences and the lessons learned here in the mission.

I want to mention how grateful I am for the time I had with Hermana Marca. I don't know a single person that is more humble than her, nor anyone who tries harder to better themself every day. It was a privilege. She is a great missionary. I hope to be able to apply what I learned from her and pass it on to the members, investigators, and other missionaries.

Hermana Norton

Well, we had transfers, as I am sure you noted. I am finishing the training of Hermana Davila. She is great. I am a little nervous to be senior companion and to be training!!!!!!!!!! BUT. I am excited more than anything. Tuesday we are going to try to call at ten. My skype account is hermananorton or Hermana H. Norton. I put that I am in Ibarra Ecuador. Look me up and add me so that when I log on Tuesday I can accept your request and call at that moment. I love you.


PS. Got a couple packages and letters this week!

This photo to the right was Christmas morning 1993. She looks pretty excited about seeing what Santa brought ... and who wouldn't be? 

* a "Beauty and the Beast" poster
* pink legos
* a Jasmine dress up set (from "Aladdin")
* a hot pink "Fashion flip phone"
* and "Barney" in the stocking ... oh wait ...
that's Mitch's stocking. What in the world was Santa thinking? Sorry, Mitch!

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