Saturday, December 29, 2012

Catching up on past emails and some exciting changes! plus photos!

Monday 12/24/12 (from Hilary)

Okay, I don't have much time left to write, I have been taking care of other things, and I am so sorry. But tomorrow we will talk for forty minutes. I love you all.

The incident was not with I. And she was baptized Saturday! Hooray! I am sad I couldn't be there, but so happy for her.
Thursday was our Christmas dinner with President. It was super fun to see all these people I love that are here in the mission. President and Sister Ghent really go above and beyond with everything. It was a really cool night.

Here is part of what I wrote to President...

We are working with a family of four from Colombia. The two children were already baptized and the parents want to be baptized but they have a long road ahead of them. F., el hermano, has to work out some things and then marry the hermana, B. We have found ourselves in a tough situation because F. has asked a member for help and the member is turning to us to make the decision regarding worthiness. As much as we feel like every person deserves the second (third, fourth, fifth) chance, we need to know his intentions are pure. We have really been turning to the Lord and our leaders for guidance on making this decision.

Saturday A. was baptized and yesterday she arrived late to Sacrament Meeting and our Branch President wouldn't allow her to be confirmed. There isn't very much support or help from the branch here, and the baptism was almost empty and started late. But, even though it didn't seem like it turned out the greatest, it was still a really special moment for A and her mom. She is the only member in her family and her mom felt the spirit very strongly during the service. She also brought an aunt, who previously was very against the idea of A joining the church. As we were putting things together, they watched the restoration video and the aunt was full of questions. She is very interested and we are going to continue working with her and the rest of the family.

Hermana Davila is great. She is willing to work and wants to be able to help the people in exactly what they need. I am learning from her and I am really grateful to be in this new area with new challenges ahead.

Hermana Davila is from Guatemala. She is 27 and she is super great. I guess she and her previous companion had some challenges , but all of the members have noted that we are getting along and she is a lot happier and they have also been able to tell that we are working so hard. So. That is cool to hear. I guess previously they felt like the missionaries didn't work very hard. We have been doing what we can to patch up the relationships here in our branch.

Merry Christmas to all!
PS. I love you V! I am waiting for your letter with information about you and your boyfriend!

-Hermana Norton


Monday 12/24/12 (from Sam)

Hello to all and a very Merry Christmas!

    If you´re not part of my family I invite you to read the email but quit wasting time on the computer! Its Christmas time! Go help somebody or be with your family or something!
   Things are great here in Málaga. Elder Hafen is a ROCK. Last transfer was pretty tough cuz we had to split the area and it was just kinda rough but now the area has come back together cuz there´s only one companionship and the work is great again. I am learning soo so much with Elder Hafen. He teaches very directly and very simply. Its so much more powerful.. and clear. Our message is clear. Joseph Smith saw God and his son Jesus Christ. He restored Christ´s chruch. Because of the restoration we know that we can live with God again with our families. To do so, we must obey the commandments. The first commandment is baptism. BOOM ¡A LA PILA BAUTISMAL!
M. is great. HE BLESSED THE SACRAMENT THIS WEEK! :) His family is progressing so much! Their fechas are for this saturday! We feel confident that they will be baptised. They are scared but hopeful. We´ll pray and leave it up to the Lord´s will.
   Yes, I. is a Spaniard. They are doing great! 4 of the 5 in their family came to church. They loved it again! They have fechas for the 12th of ENERO. Sorry that spanish words come to my mind faster than english words.. but it will help you learn. :) Keep learning! We haven´t heard anything about the visas..... but we´re hopeful! The Lord would not have opened the doors to thousands or more missionaries without providing a way for them to get to their intended missions. ¡Tened fé!
   Elder Hafen´s package finally arived and he has a bunch of stuff too. :) don´t worry mama. Haha.. today we start his last transfer. OOooooo..... :) His parents are gonna come out and pick him up and tour spain for like a week or two in february. His last day is like the 3rd or 4th and he´s super sad. It doesn´t stop him from working, but he's sad/mad. He doesn´t want it to end. 
   Ok, to answer your Q´s....
1- We´ll be calling from the apartment of a senior couple that are serving here in Málaga. Elder and Hermana Spainhower. They have a computer with skype and a good internet connection.

2- PLAN DE RESPALDO-BACKUP PLAN- The Spainhowers say they have a normal phone line that someone could call from. If skype or whatever it is isn´t working, i´ll just call the home phone from their phone. If you have other questions or concerns, email me and I´ll check my email when we get to their place.

   Mom, loved the spiritual thought! It remindes me of when Christ calls to the fishmen that were to become his diciples and tells them to follow him and it says that they immediately dropped what they were doing and followed him. :) Are we true diciples of Chirst??

   Anyways, Gotta go! I love you all and I´ll see you soon!... plus i´ll talk to you tomorrow! :)
-Elder Norton

Alcoy - "the city of bridges"
Wednesday 12/26/12 (from Sam)

 President Deere called us this morning and told us that I´m being transfered!........ Wow! I guess that someone else had an emergency transfer so I´m going up to the area of Alcoy!! I will be with Elder Pascua, the elder that took Elder Jones´ place in Huércal-Overa. 

    Anyways, President said, "when can you be ready?" and I said. "Well today if you need me." And he said, "The APs are going to be driving up there tomorrow. I´ll give you a day to say goodbye to everyone there in Málaga and tomorrow morning you´ll be on your way to Alcoy!"

   Alcoy has been closed for a while so we are reopening it and I will be senior comp. Elder Pascua has like 6 months in the mish. :D I´m super pumped!
   Anyways.. thats just a quick update. 

    Love you all! Talking with you was fantastic! Send me the video of Hilary through an email if you can, if you can´t, no worries. I love you!
-Elder Norton

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