Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Read God's Word Daily! We'd be ungrateful not to" (Sam)

Happy New Year!

   It was great to talk on Christmas. I loved it! For some missionaries that messes with them and distracts them.. for me it just excites me and reminds me why I´m here... So that I can help others be in families too! Anyways, it was perfect!

   Christmas sounded like a blast there! New ping pong table huh¿? Thats pretty cool. Send me the old one in a package or something, we´ll set it up in our piso. :)................ ¡BROMA! Admo, keep playing sports and keep involving yourself in stuff. I know you feel really bogged down at times cuz I was in your exact shoes.. my only consejo is just keep playing.. it doesn´t have to be a ton.. just play and play with a smile. You´ll be glad you stayed involved. Oh, and DON´T SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT............................ ;P

   Wow! DJ´s already home and Berry´s heading out!! Tell DJ hi for me and give him a huuuge hug for me. Where's Jacob headed to again? Tell him from Norton... ´´good luck :) and be obedient´´ heheh

   Wow! Tyler Haws is wrecking! Keep me updated por favor. also, hows whats his name doing? the kid last year that was a freshman that everyone freaked cuz he was like a new little jimmer?? I can´t remember his name... but fill me in!

   The new area is amazing!! Elder P. says that he looks super gordo in that video.. haha but yeah, our area is amazing! And although this won´t make much sense to you guys, this area is outside of the region of Andalucía.. and its more up into like valencia and barcelona around there.. so everyone speaks pretty different. They have a lot of Spanish pride! Several members here have told us that they call the spanish that they speak "castellano".. even though its almost the exact same thing.. and then they speak this other language too thats call "catalán".. or valenciano... and its significantly different.. so Elder Pascua is teaching it to me. He´s been living here in spain for like 16 years now so he has heard it a lot.. anyways, its awesome! and tough.. haha!

   Mom, quick question.. did you sent Núñez a package? and if so did you send him one of those mirror rubik´s cubes? I just wanted to check cuz I want him to have one and if you haven´t sent him one I want to give him one of mine. :)

   President Deere did tell me about the dinner they all had together. He spoke very highly of Ty and Allie... Fam, you have to meet President Deere one day. He is an absolutely amazing man. Amazing! We´ve been in contact several times recently with Alcoy being opened and whatnot. We´re actually gonna be moving pisos soon I think. We´re moving into a new nicer one. They want us to be confortable so the only thing we have to think about is the work.

   Anyways, gotta go! Thanks for all writing! ADAM. Think up a new Avatar question. I´ll keep thinking too. :)
   I love you all! Read God´s words daily. We would be ungreatful not too. Set aside a time. Plan. It helps a lot. Maybe a phone reminder or something too. :) Lucky people.. you and your inteligent phones........ haha 
Anyways, bye!
-Elder Norton

In my email this week to Sam and Hilary I shared with them a new year's resolution of mine regarding my personal scripture study. Each of them, in their own way, addressed what I had said with simple but strong advice. 

I am so very grateful for my family ... my dear husband and each of my four children ... as well as the righteous family in which I was raised. I truly believe I was rescued in my pre-mortal life by this little band of valiant warriors. They may have seen me as a free spirit and known I would need extra help? or Maybe I was assigned to them from a higher power ... kind of like a service project? I don't know the details and it really doesn't matter. 

I am just so thankful to be surrounded by people that love me enough to push me to reach my potential. 

There is nothing in the universe I want more than to qualify to live with my family forever!

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