Thursday, January 31, 2013

"It was hilarious ... later that day we were ... just crying because we were laughing so hard" (Hilary)


Well, another week came and gone. Where does all the time go? I hope after the mission I feel really satisfied in the eighteen months I spent serving, because at the end of the day, sometimes I feel like I have hardly scratched the surface of all there is to do.

I haven't finished reading everything that you all wrote me yet, but I just want to say thanks. Thank you so much for writing. Sometimes I get a little sentimental (sp?) when I write ya'll on Monday... I just can't really express my gratitude for you guys.

Well, we had an extremely eventful week.

Yesterday were transfers, but thankfully, we're both staying. Hooray! I love Hermana D. She is hilarious. She has an attitude and it is really funny. The other day she was telling me about how she calls her sister's boyfriend her "keychain" because he is smaller than her. JAJAJA.

I KNOW that President Ghent receives revelation for his missionaries and for the mission. I know that what he says is what God wants him to say and what we need to know and do. Interviews were Friday. They went well. We traveled to Otavalo for ours, so I was able to see Hermana Marca (LOVE HER) and some other missionaries there. That was cool. We played a memorized scriptures game and I won. And they bought us a really tastey lunch that included green salad (something we hardly ever get) ! Yum.

Wednesday I fell as we were crossing a big, busy street. I literally fell flat, lying down on my face. I was all scratched up (legs, hands, face) and so sore the next day. It was hilarious. Hermana D and I later that day were telling A1 about what happened and just crying because we were laughing so hard.

Speaking of A1, she was baptized Saturday! It was a really cool baptism and she is just so amazing. I am going to attach a picture. Or two or three. Her baptizm was scheduled to start at four. We were all waiting and waiting and waiting and dying of anticipation. She has had a bit of opposition come from her family and they were the only ones answering the phone calls and just were saying, "Oh, she's not going to be able to go." Finally, we said a prayer as a zone and two elders offered to take a taxi to go look for her. They returned after about forty seconds and she had just been entering the chapel. It was really cool. Obviously she had been traveling beforehand to get to the chapel, but it was just neat - the timing. God, knowing we were going to say that prayer, sent her so that she arrived just afterward. We are so dependent on Him.

We have been working with the mom of Ax.and she has been really off and on. Some days she is so excited to be baptized. Others she won't attend church. She had her interview and we were planning on her being baptized Saturday but Thursday she asked us to come talk to her at her work. She told us she wouldn't be baptized and showed us this book that she found and told us about this video she saw - all anti-mormon stuff. I felt so bad. She was so concerned. She had a thousand questions that I think maybe had just been building up. Anyway, we worked through a few of them Thursday and Saturday we went back with our zone leaders. The lesson we had so amazing. The spirit was so strong and they knew exactly how to address her questions. We learned so much from them and their examples. At the end of the lesson, A2 told us again that she wants to be baptized. It was one of those moments were the spirit testified to her heart, and that triggers the conversion. Afterward she was so comforted and she really understood. She is a skeptic, but she has learned to recognize what comes from God. She will be a strong member if she keeps progressing.

Well, that is all for now. I pray that we can all keep growing. I am so grateful for Christ's in God's plan and I don't want to be in vain. I want to change and I want to reach my potential. Keep growing. Keep changing little by little to become who God needs you to be!

Hermana Norton


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