Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Food update: Cow tongue, Chicken heart and "Igado" ... which, I have yet to find in my dictionary" (Hilary)

Dear Family,

Happy Monday afternoon. I hope you're all doing well. What are you up to? It's really warm here in Ibarra; I feel like it's a July afternoon.

It has been a long, crazy, eventful week. Admittedly, the first in my mission when the thoughts, "Ah, what a long week," and "I want to be at home" have crossed my mind. But don't worry. I am doing well. I promise I don't want to leave. There is waaayyyy too much to do here and I have not made a dent in this work. I like the line in the hymn "Come, Come Ye Saints" that says something about how 'Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard? Tis not so!' The other day I read all the talks from the Women's General Conference session of October. They are so incredibly powerful! I was on an emotional/spiritual high after reading all that. Just crying like a baby. But one Sister talks about how incredible some of the women pioneers were that had to bury their children in a bread box on the side of the trail and keep pushing forward. THAT is hard. I could never. Every day I realize more and more how weak I am. God has a good eternal perspective. That's why he sent me to such an easy life, knowing that even though I've got it made, I'd struggle and stumble.

We are working with D., who has really seen a huge change since he began attending church. He has a lot of family problems, but he is making the changes and giving a really great example for his family. He was telling us the other day about a notebook he bought for himself. He has been writing down his mistakes and sins on one side of a sheet and the commandments on the other to remind himself. The other day he was worrying because when he prays at night he often opens his eyes to read the list of the things he has to repent of, because he says often he forgets. I am really happy to see that he has recognized the real happiness of living in the world, but not of it.

We are working with D.'s cousins, who immediately accepted the baptismal invitation. They are really smart and are really intune with the spirit. We taught them Lesson 1 and the following day we shared with them the short video of the restauration. Afterward, the hermana explained that although it was "interesting and new" what she saw in the video, she admitted she felt something in her chest confirming it. It was a really neat moment for us to be able to teach about the Holy Ghost. They are working on getting married so that they can be baptized.

Food update: Cow tongue, Chicken heart and "igado" ... which, I have yet to find in my dictionary. Could someone translate that for me? Thanks.

Some members here are wondering the following: How much is BYU tuition (undergrad and grad school) for members that are from foreign countries (i.e. Ecuador). Can you also let me know about that as well?

H. N. 

"igado" - a delicacy made up of pork tenderloin, liver, heart and kidney 

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